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Ba Salaam.

The original mipaiknet group is moving to a new location: Google Groups; Under the name of PaikNet.

The MiPaikNet was founded back in 1995 by me under the name of In 2009-10, the group was hacked and hijacked. Since I was not looking for any fame, and thought the brother is harmless (tohidast2), I ignored the problem. Unfortunately, our "brother" started using the group promoting his political agenda, which the group was never meant to be. And, there is no problem with freedom of expression, until it costs the disrespect of some members and especially our beloved lawmen in Iran. 

Many brothers have expressed their concern about our "brother," who stole the group, and asked me to start a new one. If you would like to join, please email me, and I will add you. If not, there is no force. I'm just fulfilling my duty. 

Hijacking a group is an un-Islamic act. 

This message may be forwarded to for anyone who likes to leave it and re-join the improved one. 

Eltemas Doaa
The servant of Allah
At the service of my fellow Brothers and Sisters in Islam