Page Notes - Probably the simplest way to take notes for the web page that you visit!

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Sep 23, 2011, 11:22:33 AM9/23/11
Greetings everyone!

Ever needed to note down something about a webpage e.g. login id, frequent flyer number, membership number, tracking id etc. Something that you want to remember when you visit that page again.

Page notes chrome extension lets you take notes for webpages as you visit them and access these notes later when you visit those webpages again. It provides you the visual cues to let you know if there are notes available for the webpage that you're on.  You can choose to sync your notes automatically to your Google Docs account (let your notes live in the cloud!). You can configure multiple computers to sync to the same account and thus keep your page notes synced across multiple computers.

Coolest thing about this extension is that that none of the data is kept anywhere other than your browser or your Google Docs account. No third party web application, nowhere to register, nobody to trust your data with.


* Webpage as well as website level page notes. Website level notes available for all the pages of the website.
* Data can be synced to cloud (Google Docs). No data loss if your you lose your local data for some reason.
* Visual cues to indicate if there is a 'note' available for a web page, and if sync is working fine.
* Multiple computers can stay in sync.
* No 3rd party to trust. Data stays with the user -- either on the browser or user's Google Account.

Bugs/Feature Requests: Please report bugs and feature requests here - (feel free to mail me if you find that too complicated).

Use this forum to discuss anything related to this extension.

Manu Garg
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Magma Lava

Jan 17, 2018, 10:01:13 PM1/17/18
to Page Notes - Chrome Extension
Thanks for this useful info
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