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Jan 29, 2007, 3:03:00 AM1/29/07
to pactester
The SUN Java Webstart has a similar kind of feature. It also does a
nifty thing by connecting to IE, getting the pac location and then
finding the correct proxy for a URL. The necessary API's are in

Remember playing with this 2 yrs back (2005...). Was writing an
Eclipse RCP client at that time and Eclipse doesnt support pac
scripts, only proxy hostnames and ports. So we used this like a pre-
processor to update these fields into the conncection params for the
Eclipse Auto-Update plugin

Manu Garg

Jan 30, 2007, 5:15:04 AM1/30/07
It's interesting to know that Java has an API for this.

But, from this URL -

it seems that
- Java writes it's own functions to implement helper functions
required by PAC files.
- and dnsResolve, isResolvable, isInNet functions are not correctly defined.

Considering my limited interest in Java, I haven't gotten around to to
test these things. I also could not find the source code for the
package (I didn't look hard enough though, again due to my
lack of interest in Java) which implements this API.

If somebody can write a test program, we can probably add it to
pactester SVN and put a link to Java API in pactester documentation.


Manu Garg
"Journey is the destination of the life."

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