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Rahul Negi

Jun 13, 2022, 4:18:31 AMJun 13
to Packer

Hi Team, I’m trying to build resource via packer builders “type”: “azure-arm”, and what is happening that using ssh_password, the existing user password is getting changed and later am unable to ssh into that machine using the same ssh_password which I passed in config. Although ssh_username sets the username but it seems password is generated randomly or getting changed automatically. So, Is it the expected behavior or I am missing something. Please help or consult. Below is the builder section for reference

“builders”: [
“type”: “azure-arm”,
“use_azure_cli_auth”: “True”,
“os_type”: “Linux”,

"shared_image_gallery": { "subscription": "{{user `subscription_id`}}", "resource_group": "{{user `sig_gallery_resource_group`}}", "gallery_name": "{{user `sig_gallery_name`}}", "image_name": "{{user `sig_image_name`}}", "image_version": "{{user `sig_source_image_version`}}" }, "shared_image_gallery_destination": { "subscription": "{{user `subscription_id`}}", "resource_group": "{{user `sig_gallery_resource_group`}}", "gallery_name": "{{user `sig_gallery_name`}}", "image_name": "{{user `sig_image_name`}}", "image_version": "{{user `sig_dest_image_version`}}", "replication_regions": ["{{user `location`}}"] }, "temp_resource_group_name": "{{user `temp_resource_group_name`}}", "temp_compute_name": "{{user `temp_compute_name`}}", "virtual_network_name": "SFP-COMMON-VNet", "virtual_network_subnet_name": "SFP-COMMON-subnet", "virtual_network_resource_group_name": "SFP-COMMON-resourceGroup", "private_virtual_network_with_public_ip": true, "polling_duration_timeout": "0h30m0s", "ssh_username": "{{user `ssh_username`}}", "ssh_password": "{{user `ssh_password`}}", "ssh_pty": "true", "location": "{{user `location`}}", "vm_size": "{{user `vm_size`}}", "managed_image_name": "{{user `managed_image_name`}}", "managed_image_resource_group_name": "{{user `sig_gallery_resource_group`}}", "shared_image_gallery_timeout": "2h5m2s", "azure_tags": { "packer": "true" }  }  ],      
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