Windows 10 VMware Workstation 16 Ubuntu 16 & 18 Packer Vagrant SSH Connection Issues

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Aug 2, 2021, 11:47:47 PMAug 2
to Packer
Hopefully this is the correct place to post this. I was having SSH connection problems with Windows 10, VMware Workstation 16, Ubuntu 16 & 18, Packer v1.7.4 & Vagrant  2.2.16 when trying to building local Ubuntu images using the Packer VMware Builder. Everything would work just fine just until final stage the Ubuntu installation when it would try to connect to SSH and I would receive ` Timeout waiting for SSH` Tried to connect via SSH to the VMware Ubuntu Image and would not connect. 

In `preseed.cfg` set static IP address along with setting the following in the parameters in `ubuntu.pkr.hcl` 

ssh_timeout            = "30m"
ssh_handshake_attempts = "100"
 ssh_wait_timeout       = "20m"
Before installing Packer I had Vagrant installed and was using the VMware Provider. It appears when Vagrant uses this provider it adds additional configurations to the VMware NAT Settings

2021-08-02 20_41_22-NAT Settings.png

When I removed this it does appear my builds are completing successfully now,. I will do a little more testing, but seems to resolved some of my network connection issues when having Vagrant and Packer installed using VMware Workstation 16. 
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