Can't open /usr/local/share/ec2_tools/bin/ec2-bundle-vol

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eylon levi

Feb 6, 2022, 4:41:02 AMFeb 6
to Packer
Hi all! 
We are trying to make an Instance-Based (not EBS) AMI from the Ubuntu base AMI (ami-0c08d8bfef5334472) and have an issue in Packer.
After we ran $ PACKER_LOG=1 packer build template.json this is the message we get,

==> amazon-instance: Bundling the volume...
2022/02/06 11:25:19 packer.exe plugin: [DEBUG] Opening new ssh session
2022/02/06 11:25:20 packer.exe plugin: [DEBUG] starting remote command: sudo sh -E -n /usr/local/share/ec2_tools/bin/ec2-bundle-vol -k
/tmp/key.pem -u 210912836771 -c /tmp/cert.pem -r x86_64 -e /tmp -d /tmp -p image-1644139345 --batch
==> amazon-instance: sh: 0: Can't open /usr/local/share/ec2_tools/bin/ec2-bundle-vol
2022/02/06 11:25:20 packer.exe plugin: [ERROR] Remote command exited with '127': sudo sh -E -n /usr/local/share/ec2_tools/bin/ec2-bundle-vol -k /tmp/key.pem -u 210912836771 -c /tmp/cert.pem -r x86_64 -e /tmp -d /tmp -p image-1644139345 --batch
==> amazon-instance: Volume bundling failed. Please see the output above for more

ec2-ami-tools are installed, 
"bundle_vol_command": "sudo sh -E -n /usr/local/share/ec2_tools/bin/ec2-bundle-vol -k {{.KeyPath}} -u {{.AccountId}} -c {{.CertPath}} -r {{.Architecture}} -e {{.PrivatePath}} -d {{.Destination}} -p {{.Prefix}} --batch",

We would love to get some help, explanation, or anything that could help. 
Please let me know if you need any more details. 

Thank you! 
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