Packer v1.7.3 is released

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Megan Marsh

Jun 15, 2021, 6:48:45 PMJun 15
to Packer

Hello Packer Community,

We are excited to announce the release of Packer v1.7.3. This release comes packed with changes so please make sure to check the Packer changelog for a full list of features, patches, and details.

Plugin Extraction

We've extracted a majority of HashiCorp-maintained and community plugins from the Packer Core repository. They now live in their own multi-component plugin repositories. This is not a breaking change as we are enabling backwards compatibility in this release by vendoring  components back into Packer. However, we encourage users to begin using `packer init` to download and install plugins to get the latest updates to each plugin, and to prepare for Packer v2.0 when we will stop vendoring the above plugins into the main Packer binary. To learn more about utilizing Packer init, please refer to the Packer init command documentation.

A full list of extracted plugins can be found in the Packer changelog.

Notable Improvements

  • The use of the templatefile function (introduced in v1.7.1) with the http_content directive are perfect for templating OS specific preseed files. In v1.7.3, the templatefile function can now be used to generate the contents of large CD files via the cd_content directive. For more information on using templates files see the recent blog post Using Template Files with HashiCorp Packer.

  • The HCL2 upgrade command will no longer exit silently if it encounters a JSON configuration it can not fully upgrade. Instead, it will log any block it is unable to convert and, when possible, will add comments to the generated HCL file to alert the user that the file requires some manual changes. To learn more about the HCL2 upgrade command please refer to  our latest learn guide here.

  • Bzip2 support has been added for the compress post-processor.

Notable Bug Fixes

  • The HCL `index` function now properly returns the index of the element.

  • Using the pause_before provisioner in HCL templates will no longer result in an invalid provisioner error. 

  • The WinRM communicator now supports both the ntlm and the no_proxy options together.

As always, we want to hear from you if you have any issues or ideas.

The Packer team

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