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Nov 23, 2011, 10:12:58 AM11/23/11
to P2PU-funding
Hi all !

The reason for this post is that one of the two projects that I
submitted for the course, Move Commons, is involved now in a
crowdfunding campaign (3 weeks left). In fact we used some of the
advises to prepare the campaign website!

In our case, we chose Goteo as a platform for funding. Goteo is a
crowdfunding platform for projects that are based on enhancing the
commons. You can find detailed information about the project in the
campaign space for Move Commons in Goteo, together with the needs that
are to be covered with the campaign of crowdfunding.

You can check a quick visual summary of the Move Commons tool in the
introductory short video, and in the small video on why do we urgently
need such a tool. Maybe you already remember what's the project about.
In that case, you dont need the explanation I attach in the end.

With all this, I wanted to ask you that, in case you find it
interesting, to help us. It'd be very nice if you could spread this
initiative, either through your site / blog or, especially in social
networks. This way, it would reinforce the campaign that we are doing
right now. On the other hand, if you find it really useful, please
consider to use it in your webpage organization, or make a small
contribution so that it can move forward. We are very passionate about
this project and we want to see it coming true.

Thank you very much, really.

Best regards,
Juan Pablo Zafra

Explanation of Move Commons:
Today many people want to help but they can't find where do it ... and
many small organizations with big ideas are ignored because they have
no means or visibility. Move Commons allows a volunteer or
organization to search, for example, all nonprofit grassroots
organizations, delivering Creative Commons contents, focused on
alternative education and based in Valencia (think of your own
characteristics, topics and places).

Organizations just need to self-label on our site (following a similar
mechanism to Creative Commons), which would generate some icons
(+code) representative of the principles on which they are committed
to (nonprofit, grassroots, reproducible, etc).

When the icons are included in the organization website, compatible
semantic search engines can find it. Besides, any visitor can quickly
understand the core principles of the organization with just a glance
at the icons.

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