The week at P2PU - Update - 26 Feb 2011

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Philipp Schmidt

Feb 26, 2011, 6:07:27 AM2/26/11
The P2PU Update on 26 Feb 2011

Co-produced by Bekka & Philipp (Do you have news to report for the next update? Send them to

Badges, badges, badges (not badgers)

Bring out the good port, my dears, because the badge pilot has launched! And jolly good show to Erin, Zuzel and everyone involved. Have a look here ( to read up on the pilot, check out the draft paper on badges and assessment for more background ( and then head over to for a sneak preview. So far, it's planned as a small pilot with only a few course organizers so we can learn more about how this will work. In the future, we hope to roll out badges across P2PU (and you'll be glad to hear that they will be beautifully designed - first evidence in the next weekly update). 

Plans for April, Plans for 2011

There is no rest for the wicked. Check out the 2011 roadmap for School of Webcraft ( and how it connects to the roadmap for P2PU as a whole. And Pippa already started breaking it down into actual next steps for Webcraft April ( Did we forget a plan you have hatched? Send it to Bekka for next week's update.

P2PU Tech Lead

Hard to believe that we managed to get by (some would argue we didn't) without a tech lead for so long. But the wait is finally over. Zuzel Vera ( is joining us a tech lead in March. She is based in Toronto and we are chuffed beyond words to have her. We were very fortunate to have so many awesome applications and we really appreciate everyone's interest and the time spent in interviews. A huge thank you to all who applied! And an equally huge thank you to those who helped in the selection committee. 

P2PU Animation

Alison and her dear chum Natalie Anne Howard have been working on an animation which will explain exactly why P2PU exists. To say it's just spiffy would be an understatement. See for yourselves here:

Community Calls

The call time has been moved, ladies and gentlemen. Indeed, all community calls will now take place on Thursdays at the following times:

8:00 AM San Francisco (breakfast time)
11:00 New York (bagel time)
12:00 Sao Paolo (Brazilian time)
16:00 London (tea time) 
17:00 Frankfurt (bratwurst time)
18:00 Cape Town (sundowner time) 

If that's too complicated - follow the P2PU calendar -> HTML (, iCAL (

And those of us on the western side of the earth are rather glad, since now Bekka doesn't have to wake up in a panic and get on the call half asleep, and Ali doesn't have to stay up until the middle of the night and speak to us from the past. Many thanks to the bretheren in Australia who have been so accommodating about this - Pippa, we're glad you're going to be back in Europe soon. 

Have a great week everyone!
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