P2Pool release 8.0 - Upgrade required - Should decrease invalid P2Pool blocks

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Forrest Voight

Oct 17, 2012, 11:55:51 PM10/17/12
to p2pool-not...@googlegroups.com
P2Pool release 8.2 tag: 8.2 hash: 7e823017a508feb861ee05cb163df88cde35b57b

HARDFORK: Upgrade is required! Hardfork will happen after 95% of the
pool's hash rate has upgraded. Everybody having not upgraded will be
split off into a tiny P2Pool.

Windows binary: http://u.forre.st/u/fgwamcsu/p2pool_win32_8.2.zip
Source zipball: https://github.com/forrestv/p2pool/zipball/8.2
Source tarball: https://github.com/forrestv/p2pool/tarball/8.2

* Transaction preforwarding Transactions that you're mining are sent
to peers before you get a share, so any block solution you find can be
broadcast virtually instantaneously. This could theoretically get our
invalid block rate below any other pool's thanks to our large network
of nodes.
* Added some additional data to web stats viewer.
* Added network traffic graph.
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