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Welcome to the OzEastsiders google group! We're a group of cyclists who enjoy riding fast, slow, and moderate paced rides from the east side of Wichita, KS. Feel free to show up, join in, and take a pull. No charge for any rides, no membership, no sign up. Just air up your tires and come along. We typically ride from Minneha Elementary School which is located just north of Webb Road and Central. Meet in the parking lot.

- Tuesday and Thursday evenings (see "Sticky" below for specifics) - fast paced group ride; a good ride to get better at riding in a paceline. Usually an out and back ride where the "out" is moderate pace and the "back" is race speed, or as Steve likes to call it "a little spicy" (average speed for ride 20mph+). Check the discussions below for more details.

- Saturday morning (see "Sticky" below for specifics) - usually a bit longer and more moderate pace. We often move the start for this ride around to give us an option to ride different terrain. Even if we start out of town, there's usually someone wanting to do the basic Minneha ride, so check the discussions below for more current details.

- Sunday - either morning (see "Sticky" below for specifics) or afternoon; more of a recovery ride but depending on who shows can be short and fast or long and more moderate. Check the discussions below for more current details.

- Group members can start a post and announce any ride they want, and others may or may not join you. Check the discussion and replies to see who's planning on showing up for your ride. 
- We'll do pancake rides occasionally, or gravel road, Redbud trail, or city paths. Check the discussions below to see what's planned and who's planning on attending.