Project structure / device choice mqtt messaging microcontroller interaction

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Feb 28, 2017, 3:43:25 PM2/28/17
to OzBerry
Hi I'm starting my first uni project in IoT
I have a teensy and I was wondering what you could suggest getting it online? I'm trying to work out whether to use a pi and azure or photon to handle the mqtt interaction with the device and the teensy just to perform the microcontroller functions. I was thinking I'd get incoming json payloads with state and then pass them from the connected device through to the teensy for handling but was wondering if there's a better way..

I was wondering if there were any suggestions / resources on oo development with iot devices in mind and handling the loop va developing something like a state machine or learning good project structure for the microcontrolle portion of code handling incoming outgoing mqtt and managing state and interactions in an oo style way? Are there good books on this?

Thanks for your time

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