Keyboard - Bluetooth for Raspberry Pi

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Grant Page

May 1, 2019, 7:19:16 AM5/1/19
to OzBerry

Does anyone have any suggestions for a compact wireless keyboard that will work with the RaspberryPi ?

Grant Page

May 19, 2019, 1:49:31 AM5/19/19
to OzBerry
In Response to myself and just in case their are any interested people,

I have brought a Logitech K380 Bluetooth keyboard. From using it so far I am happy with my purchase of about $80. It has three buttons dedicated, so you can connect to three different devices with the touch of one of the buttons, this is great.. I can sit at my coffee table in front of the 65" tv and switch between the Raspberry Pi, the mac mini and the apple TV... enjoying that. I am a beginner with the Raspberry Pi, so at the Meetup on Saturday my goal was to get the keyboard connected via bluetooth to the Pi. I researched the various terminal commands and after going through a few hits and misses (just because I'm a beginner) the keyboard connected to the Pi and works Ok... however... the copy and paste buttons are not working, I'm guessing this could be more to the technicalities of the Pi and the standard software with the os such as terminal and text programs it uses and not the fault of the keyboard. I am now to figure out the correct commands to put into an init file, so when the Pi is cold booted, it will connect to the keyboard automatically. Simple enough, though for a newbie a few commands, ways and means I have to learn, will come with practice and I like to take my time to understand and absorb information. :P  

Thank you to all at the Meetup yesterday that gave me help, advice and explained some things about Linux that I did not know, so now I have a better education and idea of some practicalities in the fundamentals of the operations of the Raspberry Pi 3. I had an enjoyable day at the Meetup and some good conversations. Thank you to the organisers for their time, effort and for having me, also to Syd Uni for their employee time and providing the venue. :)

Regards, Grant.
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