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Craig W

Jun 3, 2022, 10:29:31 PM6/3/22
to OxCal
Help please,

I'm trying to run a simple sequence/phase model and want to use the calibration curve SHCal20 (Hogg et al 2020)

I set the atmospheric curve at SHCal20
I also check SHCal20 is set in the options and have run the model with and without importing the curve as an option into the code

... and the output reverts to Reimer et al. 2020 (IntCal20)

What step am I missing here??


Christopher Ramsey

Jun 6, 2022, 4:19:53 AM6/6/22
to OxCal group
If you are using [Tools > Options] then make sure you press the [>>] button to include the options in your model. The code should then look something like:

R_Date(3000, 30);

Alternatively, you can use [Tools > Curves] and select SHCal20. Again you must press [>>] to insert the curve into the model. This should give you something like:

R_Date(3000, 30);

and the last specified curve is used for each calibration - so you can use different ones for different samples.

If you are just calibrating a single sample from the home page of OxCal (or using the @ menu item from the viewer) you can just set the curve under [Options > Curve], return to the [@] menu and enter the date to calibrate.

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