Overtone 0.11.0 is out 🎶

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Arne Brasseur

Nov 3, 2023, 5:36:35 AM11/3/23
to Overtone
This is the first release in 4.5 years. There's a bunch of stuff in here!

* Fix `overtone.music.pitch/dec-last` (#437)
* Return notes in ascending order in `overtone.music.pitch/chord`
* Fix printing of huge map when calling instruments with Cider (#432)
* Fix size checks to multichannel buffer writes (#338)
* Add clj-kondo support (#493)
* Fix broken version comparison in args/SC-ARG-INFO (#449)
* OSC: use #getHostScript to fallback on hostname string (#450)
* Upgrade dependencies (#456)
* Add support for the `grain-buf` ugen (#470)
* use canonical URL for freesound API (#479)
* Fix window paths to allow downloading samples (#487)
* Removed obsolete JVM option CMSConcurrentMTEnabled (#488)
* Read synthdef files correctly (#489)
* Fix buffer reading (#490)
* Add clj-kondo support (see `overtone.linter`) (#493)
* Qualify the overtone ns in lein example (#495)

None of which I can take credit for :P. Many thanks to the contributors: Andréas Kündig, dvc, Hlöðver Sigurðsson, Lee Araneta, Markku Rontu, Matt Kelly, Nada Amin, Paulo Rafael Feodrippe, Perry Fraser, Phillip Mates, Wesley Merkel

Please try it out, create beautiful things, and report back any issues.


Nov 3, 2023, 10:04:27 AM11/3/23
to Arne Brasseur, Overtone
Arne Brasseur <arne.b...@gmail.com> writes:

> This is the first release in 4.5 years. There's a bunch of stuff in here!

Joakim Verona


Nov 23, 2023, 4:23:50 AM11/23/23
to Overtone
I am trying this project now.

But i got some problem on Ubuntu 22.04.3:

I try some code in the repl, but can't hear any sound.

insane-noises.core=> (foo)
#<synth-node[loading]: insane-noises.core/foo 46>
insane-noises.core=> (definst foo [] (saw 220))
#<instrument: foo>
insane-noises.core=> (foo)
#<synth-node[loading]: insane-noises.core/foo 47>
insane-noises.core=> (demo 5 (sin-osc 440))
#<synth-node[loading]: insane-noisesabd/audition-synth 48>
insane-noises.core=> (demo 5 (sin-osc 440))
#<synth-node[loading]: insane-noisesabd/audition-synth 49>
insane-noises.core=> (demo 5 (sin-osc 440))
#<synth-node[loading]: insane-noisesabd/audition-synth 50>

(use 'overtone.live)
not work on ubuntu 22.04.2.

I installed SuperCollider and jackd now.

Arne Brasseur

Nov 26, 2023, 3:35:48 AM11/26/23
to Overtone
Sorry for the slow response, I hadn't seen your message was waiting for approval.

On Linux the most common cause for not hearing any sound is that your jack outputs aren't connected. A program like qjackctl can show you a "patch bay" where you can see the connections between programs and interfaces. Connect the first two outputs of overtone to the left and right output of your sound card.

I installed SuperCollider and jackd now.

I'm planning to write some Linux specific troubleshooting instructions. On recent enough systems you may not need jackd, and installing it may make things more confusing. Pipewire is set to become the norm, replacing both PulseAudio and Jack, while remaining API/ABI compatible with them, so existing applications will continue to work. Ubuntu 22.04 is a bit annoying because it's in the middle of that transition, it has pipewire installed, but does not use it as the default...

Yes, Linux audio is a mess. Feel free to contact me directly on Clojurians or hop into the #overtone channel. I do think things will get better in the next year or two as Pipewire becomes the norm everywhere.
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