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Apr 30, 2022, 3:50:04 PMApr 30
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Here are different crowdfunding platforms and their unique applications cases to aid in picking out the right investment platform.  Enjoy your read and be geared towards gaining the insight needed to proceed.
Entrepreneurial Based Crowdfunding
This platform was created by 3 forward thinking individuals in the year 2008. Indiegogo was created as these guys sought-after ways to raise money for their own start-ups. There are 15million visitors to the site per month and numerous investment opportunities.  It is a force in crowdfunding based on consistency in successfully funding ideas all around the globe since its creation.
It is available in over 200 countries. And with this reach, the globe is your limit. To proceed with funds solicitation, assemble a portfolio spanning 3months, with the 5% fee, and an additional 3.2% in 3rd party processing fees to be accounted for. Solicited funds can be received in 2weeks and you can either go ahead to make your dream a reality or just re-invest in other ventures.

Creatives’ Crowdfunding Platform.
Patreon has been in existence since the year 2013 and was created by Yam and Conte. The platform has drawn a ton of creators and aided them in sourcing over $2.5B in funds.
It is a site made purposefully to aid creatives grow by helping these creatives raise funds from fans, friends, family, and any other audience they can get across to.  It’s totally free to begin with on Patreon, but there is a catch; a monthly subscription plan you decide to choose from. The less expensive plan costs a 5% fee from accumulated funds, the higher plan takes at most an 8% cut, and finally the highest costs 12. These subscriptions are separate from the site charges which include facilitation fee of 2.9%.

Individuals’ Crowdfunding Platform.
This site was launched on 10th May, 2010 and is one of the biggest fundraising platforms, amassing more than $10B from over a 100 million donations and counting. Its usability makes it the ideal platform for individuals to work with.
Creating a GoFundMe Page is easy:
• Design the Campaign; expressing the funds needed to be donated.
• Then, sell your story in a captivating way with pictures, videos, and/or info-graphics;
• Last step, you go ahead to share said created campaign through personal advertisements through different means.
One can effectively deal with donations received via the GoFundMe dashboard, and view other means to show appreciation to your donors. An upside to using GoFundMe, in relation to other competitors is that it has a non-existent site fee (0%). A facilitation fee of 1.9% is required though.
There exists no constraints to receiving funds on this site and they also have round the clock expert support for when assistance is needed.
Other platforms include but are not limited to:
⦁    SeedInvest Technologies best applied to start-up companies. Other examples include, Republic, NetCapital, WeFunder, MicroVentures.
⦁    Fundrazr best applied to Non-profit organizations. Other platforms like FirstGiving, QGiv, and Funraise amongst a host of others.
Armed with this information, I’m positive that wherever you might be reading this from, you can go ahead and make the right choice tailored to you.


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