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Sep 14, 2014, 6:42:14 AM9/14/14
to Our Favourite Companies
We welcome Auracall Classic back to our database on
Note that the full database at does include more companies than we can display on  

Auracall has introduced many excellent rates since we last included them.
See for their latest rates. We include a snapshot below.

Best wishes from

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Please note the following
  • Where we quote callthrough rates, we believe (based on the web pages of the companies we list) that calls are charged at the indicated rate (in pence per minute) from a BT residential line
  • BT apply a call set-up fee of up to 15 pence (at the time of writing) for each chargeable call made.
  • Other network operators' charges may vary.
  • You can check rates from BT landlines using BT's document
    Prices for calls to Specialised Numbers from BT Residential Fixed Lines
  • You must have the bill-payer's permission before using any of the services or callthrough access numbers listed on our pages.

The following snapshot is taken from at the time of writing

Where Auracall Classic (callthrough) has the cheapest rate in our database (at the time of writing)
to the given country, the rate is shown in red. 
Click on the name of any country to see all off-peak rate
call rates in our database to that country

Afghanistan 13.3pAfghanistan mobile 13.3pAlbania 8.2pAlbania mobile 25.5p
Algeria 3.1pAlgeria mobile 25.5pAmerican Samoa 1pAmerican Samoa mobile 1p
Andorra 1pAndorra mobile 10.2pAngola 4.1pAngola mobile 4.1p
Anguilla 5.1pAnguilla mobile 15.3pAntigua and Barbuda 8.2pAntigua and Barbuda mobile 15.3p
Argentina 1pArgentina mobile 5.1pArmenia 6.1pArmenia mobile 10.2p
Aruba 4.1pAruba mobile 13.3pAustralia 0.5pAustralia mobile 2p
Austria 0.5pAustria mobile 1pAzerbaijan 15.3pAzerbaijan mobile 25.5p
Bahamas 4.1pBahamas mobile 4.1pBahrain 2.6pBahrain mobile 4.1p
Bangladesh 1.5pBangladesh mobile 1.5pBarbados 8.2pBarbados mobile 15.3p
Belarus 18.4pBelarus mobile 18.4pBelgium 0.5pBelgium mobile 1.5p
Belize 15.3pBelize mobile 15.3pBenin 18.4pBenin mobile 18.4p
Bermuda 1.5pBermuda mobile 1.5pBhutan 3.1pBhutan mobile 3.1p
Bolivia 6.1pBolivia mobile 10.2pBosnia and Herzegovina 7.1pBosnia and Herzegovina mobile 25.5p
Botswana 3.1pBotswana mobile 15.3pBrazil 1.5pBrazil mobile 1.5p
Brunei 1.5pBrunei mobile 2pBulgaria 0.5pBulgaria mobile 1.5p
Burkina Faso 18.4pBurkina Faso mobile 25.5pBurundi 30.6pBurundi mobile 35.7p
Cambodia 3.1pCambodia mobile 3.1pCameroon 7.1pCameroon mobile 18.4p
Canada 0.5pCanada mobile 0.5pCape Verde 10.2pCape Verde mobile 25.5p
Cayman Islands 4.1pCayman Islands mobile 10.2pCentral African Republic 20.4pCentral African Republic mobile 20.4p
Chad 18.4pChad mobile 25.5pChile 1.5pChile mobile 1p
China 0.5pChina mobile 0.5pColombia 2pColombia mobile 4.1p
Comoros 18.4pComoros mobile 25.5pCongo 25.5pCongo mobile 30.6p
Costa Rica 0.5pCosta Rica mobile 4.1pCroatia 0.5pCroatia mobile 4.1p
Cyprus 0.5pCyprus mobile 2.6pCzech Republic 1pCzech Republic mobile 1p
DR Congo 18.4pDR Congo mobile 18.4pDenmark 0.5pDenmark mobile 1p
Djibouti 25.5pDjibouti mobile 25.5pDominica 9.2pDominica mobile 15.3p
Dominican Republic 4.1pDominican Republic mobile 4.1pEcuador 5.1pEcuador mobile 15.3p
Egypt 3.1pEgypt mobile 2.6pEl Salvador 10.2pEl Salvador mobile 10.2p
Equatorial Guinea 15.3pEquatorial Guinea mobile 15.3pEritrea 15.3pEritrea mobile 15.3p
Estonia 1pEstonia mobile 25.5pEthiopia 18.4pEthiopia mobile 18.4p
Fiji 10.2pFiji mobile 10.2pFinland 2pFinland mobile 3.1p
France 0.5pFrance mobile 1.5pGabon 30.6pGabon mobile 30.6p
Gambia 30.6pGambia mobile 30.6pGeorgia 2.6pGeorgia mobile 4.1p
Germany 0.5pGermany mobile 2pGhana 15.3pGhana mobile 15.3p
Gibraltar 1.5pGibraltar mobile 10.2pGreece 0.5pGreece mobile 1p
Grenada 8.2pGrenada mobile 18.4pGuadeloupe 0.5pGuadeloupe mobile 2p
Guam 0.5pGuam mobile 0.5pGuatemala 7.1pGuatemala mobile 8.2p
Guinea 30.6pGuinea mobile 30.6pGuinea-Bissau 25.5pGuinea-Bissau mobile 30.6p
Guyana 10.2pGuyana mobile 18.4pHaiti 20.4pHaiti mobile 20.4p
Honduras 4.1pHonduras mobile 8.2pHong Kong 1pHong Kong mobile 1p
Hungary 0.5pHungary mobile 2.6pIceland 0.5pIceland mobile 1.5p
India 0.5pIndia mobile 0.5pIndonesia 2.6pIndonesia mobile 2.6p
Iran 2.6pIran mobile 3.1pIraq 9.2pIraq mobile 15.3p
Ireland 0.5pIreland mobile 3.1pIsrael 0.5pIsrael mobile 1p
Italy 0.5pItaly mobile 1.5pIvory Coast 15.3pIvory Coast mobile 25.5p
Jamaica 5.1pJamaica mobile 15.3pJapan 1pJapan mobile 4.1p
Jordan 4.1pJordan mobile 5.1pKazakhstan 1pKazakhstan mobile 6.1p
Kenya 7.1pKenya mobile 8.2pKuwait 2pKuwait mobile 3.1p
Kyrgyzstan 7.1pKyrgyzstan mobile 8.2pLaos 2pLaos mobile 2p
Latvia 1pLebanon 4.1pLebanon mobile 10.2pLesotho 7.1p
Lesotho mobile 7.1pLiberia 20.4pLiberia mobile 30.6pLibya 15.3p
Libya mobile 15.3pLiechtenstein 4.1pLiechtenstein mobile 10.2pLithuania 0.5p
Lithuania mobile 1pLuxembourg 0.5pLuxembourg mobile 1pMacao 3.1p
Macao mobile 3.1pMacedonia 10.2pMacedonia mobile 30.6pMalawi 25.5p
Malawi mobile 25.5pMalaysia 0.5pMalaysia mobile 1pMali 15.3p
Mali mobile 25.5pMalta 0.5pMalta mobile 1.5pMauritania 35.7p
Mauritania mobile 35.7pMauritius 2.6pMauritius mobile 2.6pMayotte 3.1p
Mayotte mobile 4.1pMexico 0.5pMexico mobile 2pMicronesia 10.2p
Micronesia mobile 10.2pMoldova 15.3pMoldova mobile 18.4pMonaco 4.1p
Monaco mobile 25.5pMongolia 1.5pMongolia mobile 1.5pMontenegro 8.2p
Montenegro mobile 25.5pMontserrat 10.2pMontserrat mobile 10.2pMorocco 1p
Morocco mobile 30.6pMozambique 4.1pMozambique mobile 10.2pMyanmar 10.2p
Myanmar mobile 7.1pNamibia 2pNamibia mobile 4.1pNepal 4.1p
Nepal mobile 7.1pNetherlands 0.5pNetherlands mobile 2pNetherlands-Antilles 7.1p
Netherlands-Antilles mobile 7.1pNew Caledonia 10.2pNew Caledonia mobile 10.2pNew Zealand 0.5p
New Zealand mobile 2pNicaragua 7.1pNicaragua mobile 18.4pNiger 25.5p
Niger mobile 25.5pNigeria 3.1pNigeria mobile 3.1pNorth Korea 35.7p
North Korea mobile 35.7pNorway 0.5pNorway mobile 2pOman 6.1p
Oman mobile 18.4pPakistan 3.1pPakistan mobile 3.1pPalau 18.4p
Panama 1.5pPanama mobile 7.1pParaguay 1.5pParaguay mobile 4.1p
Peru 0.5pPeru mobile 4.1pPhilippines 6.1pPhilippines mobile 9.2p
Poland 0.5pPoland mobile 2pPortugal 0.5pPortugal mobile 1p
Puerto Rico 0.5pPuerto Rico mobile 0.5pQatar 9.2pQatar mobile 10.2p
Reunion 0.5pReunion mobile 2.6pRomania 1pRomania mobile 1p
Russia 2.6pRussia mobile 3.1pRwanda 20.4pRwanda mobile 20.4p
San Marino 1pSan Marino mobile 15.3pSaudi Arabia 4.1pSaudi Arabia mobile 6.1p
Senegal 10.2pSenegal mobile 35.7pSerbia 9.2pSerbia mobile 25.5p
Seychelles 25.5pSeychelles mobile 25.5pSierra Leone 35.7pSierra Leone mobile 35.7p
Singapore 0.5pSingapore mobile 0.5pSlovak Republic 0.5pSlovak Republic mobile 7.1p
Slovenia 1pSlovenia mobile 3.1pSomalia 35.7pSomalia mobile 35.7p
South Africa 1pSouth Africa mobile 3.1pSouth Korea 0.5pSouth Korea mobile 0.5p
South Sudan 18.4pSouth Sudan mobile 18.4pSpain 0.5pSpain mobile 1p
Sri Lanka 7.1pSri Lanka mobile 7.1pSudan 9.2pSudan mobile 10.2p
Suriname 6.1pSuriname mobile 18.4pSwaziland 1.5pSwaziland mobile 8.2p
Sweden 0.5pSweden mobile 1pSwitzerland 0.5pSwitzerland mobile 6.1p
Syria 5.1pSyria mobile 9.2pTaiwan 0.5pTaiwan mobile 4.1p
Tajikistan 7.1pTajikistan mobile 7.1pTanzania 18.4pTanzania mobile 18.4p
Thailand 0.5pThailand mobile 0.5pTogo 25.5pTogo mobile 30.6p
Tonga 35.7pTonga mobile 35.7pTrinidad and Tobago 3.1pTrinidad and Tobago mobile 10.2p
Tunisia 35.7pTunisia mobile 35.7pTurkey 2pTurkey mobile 8.2p
Turkmenistan 6.1pTurkmenistan mobile 6.1pTurks and Caicos 7.1pTurks and Caicos mobile 15.3p
USA 0.5pUSA mobile 0.5pUganda 25.5pUganda mobile 25.5p
Ukraine 6.1pUkraine mobile 18.4pUnited Arab Emirates 10.2pUnited Arab Emirates mobile 10.2p
Uruguay 3.1pUruguay mobile 10.2pUzbekistan 2.6pUzbekistan mobile 2.6p
Vatican City 0.5pVatican City mobile 0.5pVenezuela 0.5pVenezuela mobile 2p
Vietnam 2.6pVietnam mobile 2.6pYemen 8.2pYemen mobile 9.2p
Zambia 4.1pZambia mobile 8.2pZimbabwe 5.1pZimbabwe mobile 25.5p

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