Check out how the liberal media deals with incest.

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Jack Stefano

Jun 11, 2015, 12:18:17 AM6/11/15

Notice anything? Can you find Betty's face?

Just outside an Australian country town in southern New South
Wales lies a quiet rural camp. Little did the world know that
the scrubland communal block housed forty adults and children
constituting an incestuous family that had interbred for four

The first of the incestuous Colts were a brother and a sister,
who began a family tradition of interbreeding that largely went
unnoticed. However, September of 2014 saw the current family
matriarch, Betty Colt, become the first of the clan to be

The charges against her involved Betty痴 recruitment of her 16-
year-old son, Bobby, to kidnap his 15-year-old brother from
foster care. Welfare officers had taken twelve Colt children,
including two of Betty痴, after authorities discovered them
living in squalid conditions. The children were lacking basic
life skills like the ability to communicate properly and brush
their teeth.

Worse, several of the children had oddly-formed facial features,
which scientific tests revealed were a result of family
interbreeding. The scandal came to light after one of the few
Colt children who attended school told friends, 溺y sister is
pregnant, and we don稚 know which of my brothers is the father.箱

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