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[ONAG] Charter

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Gordon Dewis

Aug 10, 2011, 5:43:17 AM8/10/11
Charter --

$Revision: $ is an unmoderated newsgroup for the posting
of PRIVATE sales of computers, hardware, software, and other computing
related articles in and around Ottawa-Hull, Canada. Private computing
related want ads are also appropriate in this group. Posts about online
services should use or

Commercial posts are NOT permitted. Use

A commercial entity may post selling private stock (read: used)item
that is not part of its regular commerce. For example, a furniture
store, which normally sells only new furniture, could post a message
offering a used chair for sale.


Crossposting to other newsgroups, including ott.*,* and groups
in a private hierarchy, is forbidden. Messages violating this restriction
are subject to cancellation. Similarly, multiposting of forsale-type
messages in the ott.* hierarchy is forbidden and such messages are subject
to cancellation.

Should you have any questions about this charter, please email:

More information about the Ottawa News Administration Group, including
newsgroup charters, can be found at:

$Id:,v 1999/04/20 16:47:13 gordon Exp $

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