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[ONAG] Charter/FAQ

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Gordon Dewis

Aug 17, 2011, 5:43:04 AM8/17/11
Charter for newsgroup

Original author: Gordon Dewis <>
Original date: Jan 24, 1996
Revised on: $Date: 1998/08/16 15:44:24 $
Revision: $Revision: $ was created in response to a proposal by Joshua Gilbert
<> and the subsequent discussions on,
ott.general and by the Ottawa News Administrators Group (ONAG) during
January 1996. A vote was held by ONAG members and it was decided that the
group warranted creation. is an unmoderated newsgroup where commercial posters in
ott.* should post their advertisements and similar messages of a
commercial nature. Discussions about the advertisements or companies are
not appropriate in this group.

Messages posted to which are crossposted to other groups
will be cancelled. This includes messages crossposted to other groups in
the hierarchy. The purpose of this group is to provide a
focused forum for miscellaneous commercial postings. Commercial
computer-related postings belong in

Commercial messages posted to other ott.* groups will be cancelled,
regardless of whether they are posted in as well, either
by crossposting or multiposting.

Commercial messages include messages which advertise a product or service
offered by a company or an individual.

One exception to this is a company which is selling non-commercial items
such as a spare (read: used) office chair if the company does not normally
sell such articles. For example, if a company generates its revenues by
selling computer parts and happens to have a spare chair it wishes to
sell, it would be permissible for the company to post a message in, rather than Cross-posting rules, as
defined above, apply.

Should you have any questions about this charter, please email:

Gordon Dewis

Aug 24, 2011, 5:43:02 AM8/24/11
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