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Chris @ oTree

Jun 3, 2022, 6:55:01 AMJun 3
to oTree help & discussion
Hello all,

I have made a new forum on oTree Hub at Please use that forum instead.

The new forum is a simple forum I implemented from scratch. Going forward, I want us to use this new forum and migrate away from this Google Group for a number of reasons:

- Google is blocked in certain countries
- Google Groups has problems with formatting. When people paste their code here, much of the time the code indentation is lost, making it impossible to read.
- I can better manage the content on a forum that I have implemented from scratch. For example, when oTree changed in the past, there were many references to old functions that no longer existed or were renamed. With a custom forum software, I can automatically query/update old posts, or implement filtering/tagging.
- Google Groups has lots of features that we don't need, and lacks features we do need. For example the ability to edit one's post is restricted in many cases.
- In the long term, I can implement features that are useful specifically for oTree, such as improving how code snippets are included and displayed.
- Moving things over to oTree Hub helps me keep everything in one place.

Please join me on the new forum :)

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