Can I create something like /dev/fuse?

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Aug 31, 2021, 5:02:29 PM8/31/21
to macFUSE

I have been playing around with macfuse and rclone, but for some reasons the performance is massively worse than on my Linux server, with fuse used inside a LXC-container.  

To narrow things down, I wanted to try using my applications inside docker, but I somehow need the fuse-device.  If I use rclone, I can see /dev/macfuse... devices being created, but I just want to pass the device to the docker container without actually running eg. rclone on the host.

(I am quite familiar with Linux and containers, but not much experience with macOS or docker)

Thanks for any suggestions.

Omid Shahidi

Oct 12, 2023, 9:54:12 PM10/12/23
to macFUSE
Hi Martin,

I have the same issue. Have you found a solution?

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