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May 6, 2022, 10:07:51 PM5/6/22
to ostinato
Greetings Y'all

New Ostinato user here.  I appreciate all of Srivats efforts in putting this together.  I have a couple admin tasks I'm trying to perform, but can't figure out how.

I'm using Ost for Eve-NG in a large virtual network.  I have multiple drones positioned throughout the topology

1) How do I save settings changes on the drones themselves - such as Hostname, eth1 IP Addr changes, etc?  I edit the files for each, put them in /opt/.filetool.lst, and run -b.  But, it all clears after a reload.  I do not leave my lab running all the time and don't want to have to reconfigure them all from scratch every time I turn it on.

2) In the GUI, I am trying to find a way to rename the port groups for better matching with which drone is where in the topology.  Such as, renaming port group 1 to "Data Center" and port group 2 to "Campus".  Since they're DHCP addresses, I will never remember which one is where.  I'm trying to change the drone eth0 to a static address also, but due to problem #1 above, I'm not able to save it

Are there any ways to accomplish these things? 


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