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Filippo Menczer

Apr 15, 2020, 6:42:59 PM4/15/20
Dear Botometer API users,

Thank you for using Botometer! You might have noticed that the APIs
have been slow and produced more errors in recent weeks. This is
because during the transition from Mashape to RapidAPI, the hard rate
limit on the free Botometer API was modified without us knowing it. As
a result, some users continued to send a high volume of queries to the
free API, overloading our server.

To provide high-quality service for all of our users, we have
reorganized our products:

* The free Botometer API (
will be discontinued as of May 1, 2020.

* The BASIC plan of the Botometer Pro API was modified to match the
free API, with a hard limit of 2,000 queries/day enforced for each

* The PRO plan of the Botometer Pro API was modified to match the
previous BASIC plan, with a higher limit and no monthly fee, plus a
fee per query above the limit.

* A new ULTRA plan of the Botometer Pro API was added to match the
previous PRO plan, with an even higher limit and a monthly fee, plus a
smaller fee per query above the limit.

To prevent disruption, users of the free Botometer API should go to and subscribe to
one of the Botometer Pro API plans. The BASIC plan will give them the
same service as the discontinued API. Switch by May 1 to avoid

Current users of the Botometer Pro API will be grandfathered and will
not see any change, although they are welcome to update their plans at
any time.

We apology for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.
We hope the new plans under a single API will make things simpler and
improve stability in the future.

Botometer Team
Observatory on Social Media
Indiana University
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