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Sep 6, 2019, 4:57:48 AM9/6/19
to osmdroid
I am using an Android application with a mapping feature based on Osmdroid.
Tiles are produced with QGis or a python script from a wms service (not OpenStreetMap).
It worked fine until Android version equal or newer than 8.1.
The tiles use a zip format, there is only one zip file stored on the SdCarD. Inside the thumbnail thumbnail, there is 1 folder per level of zoom (eg 14, 15, ...), then, inside these subfolders and in the subfolder, thumbnails in png format.
We note that it is not possible to look at the map on the osmdroid application component when the zip file exceeds 2 GB in total (exactly 2.1 GB).

Have you ever noticed this kind of problem?
We do not know how to look for:
- I do not think this is related to the format of the SD card (the limits are often close to 4 GB, but not 2).
- there is no restriction on android,
- I use on other mapping applications, but with mbtiles maps and it works well, so I guess it's not related to big files.

As the our app have been developped by a provider, we don't have access to the code, so we would like to test before different possibilities before to contact them.

If you can give us some advices.


Alex O'Ree

Sep 6, 2019, 7:01:13 AM9/6/19
to osmd...@googlegroups.com
I've seen it. It's an android problem. Try using sqlite instead

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