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Victor Shcherb

Nov 22, 2012, 3:57:22 PM11/22/12
to osmand
Hi All,

I'm very glad to say that OsmAnd 1.0 is released! Even so we have "small" discrepancies for our offline routing but it is working pretty fast for medium distances which are 90% of all calculated routes.

I would like to thank everyone for hard work during these 2.5 years :) And I hope we can go even better. Now we have stable base so we can eliminate one by one annoying discrepancies and create useful plugins for specific use cases.

! I'm thinking to print something like OsmAnd T-shirts or OsmAnd cups and send out to all our contributors. But I don't want to send everything from my place via post. If someone knows internet storage with different addresses deliveries please point me out ! :)

I'm looking forward to making a competition to the strong navigational systems and keeping OsmAnd uniqueness and openeness :)



Nov 22, 2012, 5:23:08 PM11/22/12
to osm...@googlegroups.com
For T-shirts you'd need to worry abut size and for cups you'd worry about packaging and postage (cost/weight).
Better something that fits in an envelope (even padded) for which the postage (shipping) it's not that expensive and doesn't vary that much with recipient's country.
Something like a sticker for the vehicle ("I use the free nav solution OsmAnd!" etc) or a badge, a custom printed phone strap, a personalized touchscreen stylus (not so expensive but decent).
I'm sure others will come with more ideas.

David White

Nov 23, 2012, 12:38:00 AM11/23/12
to osm...@googlegroups.com


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