How to change towns/villages font to regular?

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Mar 20, 2022, 5:54:47 AMMar 20
to OsmAnd
Hello everyone!
I've been using OSMand since I have my first smartphone. ;)  
Now I'm trying to improve readability of the map, especially in terms of low category roads, which helps me navigating while driving on low category roads. I found that solid black and bolded names of many small towns/villages  disturb a little bit reading of map details. Is it possible to change the font to regular one? And/or make slightly closer to gray or partially transparent? I would like to play with these settings to chose the best for me.

Btw. I use Touring view map style, but it is the same on other ones. I set 50% of zoom level, 75% of font size and it is almost perfect mix for my small 5,5" screen

Best regards, Jacek

Dmitry Prodchenko

Mar 21, 2022, 7:25:11 AMMar 21
to OsmAnd
Hello, Jacek!
It could be done only by editing map style. 
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