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Massimo Mula

Jun 28, 2021, 3:10:15 PMJun 28
Try this:
Settings menu > general settings > tap on desired profile > select "display position always in center"


Il Lun 28 Giu 2021, 15:49 <> ha scritto:
GOUPIL 30101 <>: Jun 27 09:57AM -0700

Bonjour. Afin de favorise le guidage à pied, vélo, moto ..., je pense qu'il
serait intéressant de pouvoir déplacer le curseur plus bas sur l'écran de
façon à visualiser plus de parcours ...more
Peter Elderson <>: Jun 27 08:01PM +0200

I think this is a really good idea. Simple, but very effective. Sorry I am not an OsmAnd programmer!
Mvg Peter Elderson
Poutnik Fornntp <>: Jun 27 04:09PM +0200

It may be related to if there is applied an automatic or manual correction
of GPS WGS84 geoid altitude to Earth "potatoid".
Without correction, GPS gives for middle Europe about 60m higher ...more
Greg Troxel <>: Jun 27 10:11AM -0400

> Hello, have you also observed altitude errors of the order of 40 to 50
> meters in addition to the actual altitude? Did you manage to correct this?
> Cordially.
This is complicated:
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