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Michael Bechtold

Jul 24, 2022, 8:09:48 AMJul 24
to OsmAnd

For OSMand only the sqlitedb files are usable - look for the respective download section, pls.

Release notes 202207-1.3
- The OAM background from ZL 8 up now is rendered from the July edition of the OAM vector maps.
- Locus download script for ZL 11 World map corrected.

Release notes 202207-1.2
- Explanation of map categories and download options added before the download table.
Release notes 202207-1.1
- Multiple identical labels for some solar and wind farms are combined to one for each. Corrected label multiple instances to one. Only 6 maps that contain Europe ZL 11 are affected.

Those are the news from version 202207-1.0:
- OAM base maps updated to May 2022 for Europe and to April 2022 version for the rest of the world.
- After a longer break the ferry connections for ZL 6 and 7 are updated as well as the energy productions (following respective lists from Wikipedia).
- The regional addon and overlay maps are unified: OAM-W1-7-EP8-12-J80.mbtiles (as an example) contains the world up to +/- 85 latitude and ZL 7 as well as a large chunk of Europe from ZL 8 to 12 consecutively. Hence those maps can be used independantly as well as an overlay. Also, now it's only 21 maps and 70 GBs (instead of 110 GB).
- Up to ZL 12 all maps consist of tiles in JPG 80% quality, a real progress compared to the former 60% of the addon maps and somewhat better than the 70% of the earlier world maps. File sizes increase reasonably, wich in over-compensated by the storage capacity increases of recent years. For ZL 13 a quality of 70% is used.
- The maps can be grouped as:
     - world maps ZL 8 to 11; JPG 80%; MBTiles
     - world maps ZL 10 and 11; PNG format; sqlitedb (for apps that cannot handle MBTiles)
     - regional maps up to ZL 11 (all continents), 12 (large parts of Europe) and 13 (smaller segments of Europe); JPG 80% resp. 70%; MBTiles
     The MBTiles world maps are available as direct downloads for Locus and Orux apps; all groups can be downloaded manually, too.
Enjoy - and feel free to comment.



Jul 24, 2022, 11:37:50 AMJul 24
to OsmAnd
Hi Michael,

i hope soon to be updated the files with 70% compress to 202207. They are forgotten to 202202

Michael Bechtold

Jul 24, 2022, 1:07:15 PMJul 24
to OsmAnd

as I wrote, the 80% are not SO much bigger than the 70%, hence I decided to drop the 70% from production and distribution.

AH; WAIT - OSMand - you would only have the png version now which is nearly 7 GB versus half for the J70. Is that your point?

If yes, I would compromise and produce a JPG-80 version (80% - for consistency reasons) for ZL 10, but as sqlitedb and add this to the sqlite download section, so you have a smaller size for OSMand, OK?

TXs and cheers



Jul 25, 2022, 11:13:51 AMJul 25
to OsmAnd
i think this is the right place to found some answers

it has two world maps files. One internal during the application install and one for download at companay servers. When i test both of them i found the follow zoom in levels
- World_basemap (max zoom level 11)
World_basemap.obf > 383.087.163 bytes
- World_basemap_mini (max zoom level 8)
World_basemap_mini.obf > 47.297.879 bytes

Compared with openandromaps world maps, it seems very huge difference in file size. Does anyone know what is going on ?
OAM-World-1-8-J80.mbtiles > 425.087.808 bytes
OAM-World-1-10-png.sqlitedb >
OAM-World-1-11-J80.mbtiles > 11.471.384.576


Jul 25, 2022, 11:15:09 AMJul 25
to OsmAnd
Hi Michael,

can you please give me some hints, how to handle your maps with OSMAND?
I do not find the  sqlitedb filesfor download and I have never used your maps until now.

Thanks in advance


Jul 25, 2022, 11:34:54 AMJul 25
to OsmAnd
Hi Werner,

have you visit the link into the first post ? there you can see the download section. The first two sections has only mbtiles. The next two parts has also .sqlitedb links.

i don't have use so far those files for osnamd, but the general idea is to copy those files into the main folder of osmand using a fle manager app. Then start the app, visit "download section" and see it has recognise the new maps. If it yes, disable the osmand original map files and use only the openandromaps.


Jul 25, 2022, 11:39:04 AMJul 25
to OsmAnd
i forgot .....

maybe those files need to be at

Michael Bechtold

Jul 25, 2022, 12:39:30 PMJul 25
to 'Tim Passingham' via OsmAnd
I know about this difference, Tim.
But the level of information provided by my OAM world maps is way beyond what the OSMand world maps show.
Hence people have to make a choice about their sweet spot in the tradeoff ...

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Jul 25, 2022, 3:07:39 PMJul 25
to OsmAnd
Thank you lodrog (Tim?),

I have found the files for download and will test it.
Yes, probably thde correct place is net.osmand.plus\files\tiles
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