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Pasi Teoi

Mar 12, 2022, 12:46:26 AMMar 12
to OsmAnd

I'm interested in buying the Contours plugin.
Do I have to also buy or subscribe to the + or Pro edition of the application in order to do that?
I have the free version of OsmAnd installed.

I'm asking this because
on the one hand the plugin is independently advertised on the PlayStore as
"Contour lines plugin — OsmAnd is a plugin for 'Maps & Navigation — OsmAnd' app"
(i.e. NOT NECESSARILY for the + or Pro version of the application)
but on the other hand
when I go the the plugin purchase page inside the application the provided options to buy it are only as a subscription to the + or Pro editions of the application.

Simply put, yes or no question:
If I buy the plugin from the PlayStore (i.e. this/from-here
will it work
with the free edition of OsmAnd that I have already installed on my phone?


Mar 12, 2022, 10:40:40 AMMar 12
to OsmAnd
pro edition
- buy this version if you need
1. cloud backup
2. hourly map updates
3. osmand pro with month subscription. One time (month) per year, at your holidays

osmand + (plus) edition
- wait every month from day 20-30 to found at the google play for the 50% discount of the main application . This price is equal to the pro edition for 4 months, but osmand + is for ... as long as the android exists.
- you can made local backup (smartphone device) or transfer this data at google drive. Yes, this is manual procedure and also free.
- i don't know if Contours plugin can work with free version of osmand. You can send email at help desk support.
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