Avoid cobble, avoid steep climbs

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Mikail Zilyas

Jul 19, 2021, 1:52:33 PM7/19/21
to OSM Android bikerouting
First off, great great website!
Lot of potential.

It would be great to include a direct option "avoid unpaved"; "avoid steep climbs".
You can probably set it up, but it's very unclear for me how.

What i've changed:

assign ispaved or surface=paved or surface=asphalt surface=concrete

assign isunpaved not or surface= or ispaved or surface=fine_gravel or surface=cobblestone surface=paving_stones

My questions is, how to set up to avoid unpaved paths?

Thank you very much!

Paweł Stankiewicz

Aug 5, 2021, 6:53:56 PM8/5/21
to OSM Android bikerouting
Something like for my country profile, where most paths are unpaved anyway, numbers could be higher depending on how much more are you willing to cycle around it.
else if ( highway=path|footway ) then ( if and isbike isunpaved then 1.67 else if isbike then 1.0 else 2 )

There is no option to avoid steep climbs.
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