online routing brouter into osmAnd ? How to ?

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Max Greco

May 25, 2022, 3:36:37 AMMay 25
to OSM Android bikerouting

I use osmAnd for biking and hiking with great result.

Now, I'm looking for use brouter routing for car navigation.
osmAnd have a native "online" navigation in setup:
For exemple, you can use "online OSRM" navigation if you put this URL server into osmAnd parameter :
That's work fine :)
...but the result is very poor => simple route without car specification or route specification.
So, i'd like to use brouter for more precise routing.
What is the brouter URL serveur to put in osmAnd ?
Thanks !

Andre Bispo

May 25, 2022, 5:40:06 AMMay 25
to OSM Android bikerouting
I do not know if it's possible to have BRouter "online" routing in OSMand. I know you can use BRouter offline routing with OSMand though, that is pretty well documented over the internet. E.g. this site has a pretty nice ste-by-step (in dutch though):

Max Greco

May 25, 2022, 9:26:25 AMMay 25
to OSM Android bikerouting
Thanks for link :)

Maybe I'will try this solution... but in the exemple, why Brouter ask to download maps? maps are already in osmAnd, why don't use them ? ...I don't want to download another maps :/

Nevertheless, the big reason I'm looking for an online route is simple : Calculation time !
The calculation routing is very fast online, low than few second for 300km for exemple, impossible to have this performance with an offline calculation (I think)

So no solution for now :(
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