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Jozef Matejička

Jan 22, 2015, 1:07:09 PM1/22/15
I noticed, there are new maps from today. How do I update downloaded maps?

Jan 22, 2015, 3:55:22 PM1/22/15
there's no update functionality in the download-manager.

To update, you have to delete/move away/or rename the existing rd5-files,
then you can download them again.

Georg D

May 25, 2023, 6:08:12 PMMay 25
to OSM Android bikerouting
Dear Arndt,

you noted in some other threads you'd like to keep traffic below some threshold, e.g. 2TB/month. I assume that goal would be easier to reach if it was easier for users to see which segment files are "new enough" and which are "too old" – while if it's cumbersome or complicated,  users may simply update all files, resulting in higher server traffic than required, in my case ~1GB while some 0.1-0.2GB would be sufficient.

Current situation, as of v1.7.0, I don't see an easy way: A user needs to find out which square has which coordinates, but that is not visible in download manager, so it requires some digging). Then the user needs to locate the actually used segments directory (I had 3 dirs but only 1 is actually used which I cleaned when I recognized). Finally the user must find out the date of the according file, but in my case, all files are shown to be 3 weeks old despite I'm pretty sure some are some years old and might only carry that new date because of move operation from internal storage  to SD card.

Idea: The download manager currently shows a grey X on squares for which a local segment file exists, and after clicking that square, size and free space are displayed. Would it be low effort to display also the date or age of the existing file?

Best regards,
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