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Erich Melinz

Nov 15, 2021, 3:08:31 PM11/15/21
to OSM Android bikerouting
I have created my own navigation app based on OSM (mapsforge, Android 11) and want now to implement the offline-routing functionality of BRouter.
Can anybody please tell me if this is even possible (or does BRouter only work with OsmAnd, Locus-Maps or OruxMap)?
If yes - I would be very grateful to get some information how to start and how the dependency / interface to and from BRouter looks like. I "simply" want to send the coordinates of the starting-, via-, and ending points to the BRouter application/interface and want to get a GPX-file back. Is this possible? Thanks a lot!!!


Nov 17, 2021, 4:32:17 AM11/17/21
to OSM Android bikerouting
yes that's possible, but there's no good documentaion on the interface

It's also possible to integrate the BRouter-Code directly into your ap (as it is done by Locus 4), however, that needs some deeper digging into the code and it needs your own routing-data-management.

regards, Arndt

Miklós Horváth

Dec 30, 2021, 11:18:00 AM12/30/21
to OSM Android bikerouting

" It's also possible to integrate the BRouter-Code directly into your app"
that is exactly what I also did with the fresh 1.6.3 version.
The routing data management (rd5 download) was already integrated into my app (g:hu+; a hungarian geocaching application) (at least until android 11) and just now I could manage the service integration as well.
No need to convert the calculated Osmtrack data into a gpx file, then converting back from the gpx into my app, instead the app can directly get and use the calculated track object itself. Super!
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