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Glenn Hampson

Jan 12, 2024, 1:28:31 PMJan 12

If your reading/thinking list needs a few more items, here’s some good food for thought from your fellow OSIers:


  • From Lisa Hinchliffe’s Twitter feed, here’s an article from Inside Higher Ed describing how state legislatures across the US are trying to censor universities by threatening tenure and accreditation, controlling curricula, eliminating majors, and more: Legislative censors change, broaden their approach (opinion) ( (Note: You need to have an account to read this article but registering for one is free.)
  • From Rob Johnson’s LinkedIn feed, here’s an article by Jeff Pooley describing what the big scholarly publishers are doing with AI, and what this might mean for the future of open: Large Language Publishing (
  • From Sonia Vasconcelos, here’s a call-for-papers for an upcoming conference in Australia: ICA 2024 - Science Communication as a Human Right ( The theme is fascinating---exploring the extent to which scientific communication is (or at least should be) a human right. The conference website outlines some of the main sub-themes. And,
  • Watch this space: Local Contexts – Grounding Indigenous Rights. Laure Haak is on the board of Local Contexts, a nonprofit pioneering new and much needed ways to manage intellectual property issues for cultural heritage materials. Hats off to this group for so clearly framing the issues and solutions, and for providing this service to the global community.





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