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Glenn Hampson

Feb 25, 2022, 1:52:45 PMFeb 25

Hi Folks,


I would like to start circulating our global researcher survey next week: A few different publishers and scholarly societies have been contacted to help with this; you’re also invited to publicize this link through your own networks and at your own institutions (but no sooner than March 1). The primary goal of this survey is to recruit a diverse and global group of researchers (read: NOT librarians, activists, funders, scholcomm experts, or other groups we’ve already heard from over the years) willing to work together over the next few months to develop what THEY think is a good plan for the future of research communication reform. A side benefit of this survey will be to collect some interesting data on research communication perspectives.


I don’t want to rush this process, but the next window for getting started on this will be the first of the month when routine monthly newsletters get sent out. So, aiming for this, if there’s anything in this survey you’d like to edit, please let me know off-list before Monday night c.o.b. If you think the whole plan needs more time to marinate, that’s fine too. In that case, let me know ON-list right away so we can hear what others think.


In addition to being distributed through existing contact lists, I’ll also put a link to this survey on Twitter and send the link to various institutions.


Best case, I’m hoping we can assemble a team of several hundred researchers by April who can help provide more research-centric perspective to our policy development work. Worst case, we might end up with just a handful of researchers by June, which would also be helpful. BTW, active researchers already in OSI are most welcome to participate in this group. Just fill out the survey when it’s launched so we have you in the system as being interested.


Thanks everyone and best regards,





Glenn Hampson
Executive Director
Science Communication Institute (SCI)
Program Director
Open Scholarship Initiative (OSI)



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