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Glenn Hampson

Sep 29, 2021, 12:57:34 PMSep 29
to The Open Scholarship Initiative

Hi Folks,


I’ve lost track of how many interesting books y’all have been publishing lately. Here’s a starter list---please do add to this if I’ve missed anything (and I’m sure I have):


  1. Roger Schoenfeld just-released a new book (co-authored with Deanna Marcum and published by Princeton) titled “Along Came Google,” exploring the history of the Google Books project and our quest for the digital library. Here’s the Amazon link:
  2. Bryan Alexander is currently working on a yet another tome; his 2020 audio book about the future of higher education is here (“Academia Next: The Futures of Higher Education,” published by Johns Hopkins):
  3. Rick Anderson’s primer on scholarly communication (“Scholarly Communication: What Everyone Needs to Know”), published in 2018 (Oxford), is here:
  4. The prolific Caroline Wagner has published a number of books on research and development. Her Amazon listings are here:
  5. Jason Steinhauer is close to finishing “History Disrupted: How Social Media and the World Have Changed the Past” (Palgrave). You can pre-order here:


I’m sure I missed a lot…sorry.


From non-OSIers, another book I’m reading now that might be of interest is James Gleick’s “The Information”---a brief history of the evolution of communication, from drums and oral communication to the internet (







p.s.: Hopefully this email reaches you in a more normal formal. When I updated Windows, it wiped out my profile settings so my emails to the list may look different than before. Yesterday’s email arrived under the banner of the National Science Communication Institute.


Glenn Hampson
Executive Director
Science Communication Institute (SCI)
Program Director
Open Scholarship Initiative (OSI)




Joyce Ogburn

Sep 29, 2021, 6:22:58 PMSep 29
to Glenn Hampson, The Open Scholarship Initiative
The Information can be daunting but it is very informative for those of us who really geek out on this stuff. 


Joyce L Ogburn 
Prof of Practice
UNC Chapel Hill 

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