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Glenn Hampson

Jan 1, 2024, 2:20:10 PMJan 1
to osi20...@googlegroups.com

Hi Everyone!


Happy New Year! I hope your 2024 is filled with happiness, good health and good fortune.


First, thank you to everyone who was able to help with our year-end fundraiser. The door is still open if you’re interested, but for now, the $3,000 we raised from 15 individual supporters will help keep the wheels turning in the coming year.


Second, I’ve been reaching out privately to some you over the last month to hear your ideas about what OSI should focus on for its final two years. I’d still like to hear more. Please email me your ideas if you’d like to contribute to this thought process. I’ll synthesize your input into a strategy document and send it back around to the full group for comment.


Our efforts since 2020 have focused on pulling together OSI’s 2014-2020 ideas and perspectives into policy reports for the UN. Our work and input---thanks to Bhanu---helped shape the UN’s open science policy. Our reports and ideas have also been widely circulated (via speaking engagements), and I’ve been continuing my outreach work to other policymaking groups around the world who are trying to figure out what the future of open should look like. OSI is well known in South America (thanks to Abel’s support) and our thinking is very much aligned with what the majority of researchers in the global south want and need (see our seven main pillars, below my signature).


All this said, OSI was launched in late 2014 as an effort to help address the future of open access---not open science, open data, and other open solutions. Should we try to put a bow on our open access ideas before we wrap things up at the end of 2025? Should we maybe try to create some sort of document that includes everyone’s thoughts on what the future of OA should look like? Should we try to do one more conference where we vote on proposals or commit to a particular course of action? Should we leave a list of action items that the international community should work on?


The OSI website needs some refreshing and more summary materials as well---there are many PR/communication upgrades I hope to work on next year.


What do you think?


Thank you as always for your time and attention, and again, all the best for the coming year.







OSI’s 7 Pillars

Between 2014 and 2018, OSI participants identified and agreed on four main pillars:

1.       Science and society will benefit from open done right (not just any kind of open policies)

2.       Successful solutions will require broad collaboration across stakeholder groups, fields, and regions of the world

3.       Connected issues also need to be addressed in order for open solutions to work—issues like impact factors, peer review, and the culture of communication in academia, and

4.       Open isn’t a single outcome but a spectrum of outcomes (as defined in OSI’s DART spectrum).

Since 2018, OSI has delivered policy reports, conference presentations and speeches that identify three additional pillars. While OSI hasn’t voted on these three ideas, they have been open for global feedback, and the feedback we’ve received to-date has been entirely positive.

5.       Our global open policy solutions must be equitable

6.       Open should not be treated as goal unto itself, but as one tool among many that can help researchers succeed. To this end, our common ground policy foundations should be built on what we can do together to help research succeed, pulling in common elements of open ideas along the way. (See OSI’s Common Ground policy paper and Open Solutions policy paper developed for UNESCO)

7.       Our global open policies must be built on evidence rather than ideology—evidence like understanding what kinds of open solutions exist, which of these solutions work best for which purposes, which solutions researchers want and need the most, and a clear and unbiased evaluation of how our current open policy efforts are falling short and even making access and equity worse. (See OSI’s Evidence-Based Solutions paper, as well as our global survey of researchers)



Bryan Alexander

Jan 1, 2024, 4:28:35 PMJan 1
to Glenn Hampson, osi20...@googlegroups.com
Glenn and all, I've been off the radar for a year due to a combination of professional and personal commitments. I hope I can resume engagement this year.

Speaking of which, I'm all about academic futures.  Would you like me to hold a Future Trends Forum session on the future of open scholarship, perhaps this spring?

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Glenn Hampson

Jan 1, 2024, 5:48:23 PMJan 1
to Bryan Alexander, osi20...@googlegroups.com

I can’t imagine a better group to draw on Bryan---so many experts here who also have the right credentials for and connections to your audience. Let me know if you need help bugging anyone (that’s my specialty!).





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