Recipe for applesauce

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David Wojick

Apr 10, 2022, 2:15:53 PMApr 10

Recipe for applesauce

Glenn asked for my recipe, so here it is.

A big pot, with lid. The volume reduction is very great so you need a big pot, if you want a lot. I use a 7 quart stock pot to get a quart or so of sauce.

Apples. I prefer a strong, somewhat tart flavor. My favorite kind is York, followed by Stayman Winesap, but these can be hard to find. In a pinch I use Golden Delicious, but add some sugar and a bit of cinnamon. Any kind will work. Flavor to taste.

Preparation. Peel, then core and slice or chunk enough apples to fill the pot to the point where the lid still fits on.

Devices. It is a lot of work so I use a handy core and slice device. It has a core hole with a ring of blades and two handles. You just push it through the peeled apple. The thinner the slices the faster the apples will reduce to sauce. Mine makes 12 thin slices. A good hand peeler is also useful. But it can all be done with a small knife.

Step 1. I put an inch or two of orange juice in the pot as a starter liquid, too keep the apples from burning. Other liquids will also work. Rum might be fun.

Step 2. Bring to boil and boil heartily until the apples are reduced to sauce. Stir occasionally at first then more often as it thickens. This can take several hours. If you get some sticking to the bottom it should still be okay.

Storage. I have never done long term storage but it keeps for a week or more in the fridge, maybe much longer.

Consumption. We eat it as a side dish with meals, sometimes heating it first in the microwave. I make muffins with it, following a standard fruit muffin recipe. It is good with ice cream and no doubt in other ways.

David Wojick
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