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David Wojick

May 30, 2021, 12:13:16 PMMay 30
to osi20...@googlegroups.com
"The International Development of Open Access Publishing: A Comparative Empirical Analysis Over Seven World Regions and Nine Academic Disciplines"

Abstract: This paper offers a cross-country and cross-disciplinary analysis of the development of open access publishing from 2000 to 2019. Through an analysis of seven world regions and nine scholarly fields, we found that, while the overall share of open access journals has increased significantly over the last two decades, there are important differences across both the analyzed world regions and disciplines. We also found that, with the exception of neuroscience, the proportion of open access journals is considerably lower among the journals ranked in the Q1 quartile of Scopus than in the general field. We also offer a model that explains the development of open access publishing trends on different disciplinary and geographical levels.

Overall growth but smallish numbers. Some surprises, especially relatively low Scopus rankings. Bias?


Glenn Hampson

May 31, 2021, 12:24:28 PMMay 31
to David Wojick, The Open Scholarship Initiative

Yep---bias, and also more “trespassing” as well. These types of analyses have been done by folks with a better grasp of the complexity of this landscape (no offense to the analysis itself, just the foundation). Eric Archambault’s work, for example, has been (I think) the category killer here. The main problem is indexing. Scopus is a relatively small subset of the journal universe, mostly cataloging Western & English-only journals. When you look at the broader journal universe, like Eric (and others) do in their work, you get figures like these (as republished in our various issue and policy briefs)---see below. The overall conclusion is correct, though---only a small fraction of the highest-impact journals are fully OA, and there is wide variation in OA by region, discipline, etc.



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