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Welcome to OSI2016-25!

OSI uses several listservs to facilitate conversations between OSI delegates and managers. Some of these are for planning purposes, and are private insofar as they may contain confidential information about OSI participants.

The main listserv used by OSI, visible to the public and archived. This is the listserv that contains candid conversations amongst delegates on all matters of scholarly publishing reform. Here is the usage policy regarding this listserv:

  1. As a public and publicly-funded effort, the conversations on this list can be viewed by the public and are archived (participation in these conversations and access to the email addresses of participants is restricted to participants).
  2. The ideas and opinions expressed in these conversations belong to the individuals involved and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of their associated institutions, trustees, officers or staff.
  3. The emails on this listserv are protected by copyright held by the author unless otherwise noted. Excerpts from these emails may be quoted under fair use or fair dealing without the need for permission from the copyright holder. Any use beyond fair use or fair dealing requires permission from the author.
    1. Several authors on this list have opted to allow their emails to be used under a Creative Commons 4.0 license. These authors are: Mike Taylor, Glenn Hampson.