Open University task (Mismatch of demand and production)

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Sep 22, 2021, 1:59:32 PM9/22/21
Hi everyone, I got a question. I'm passing the Open University tutorial on osemosys and flextool. Some why I got a mismatch of energy demand end production. Demand was set by using SpecifiedAnnualDemand and was split among INDELC(250,9) COMELC(72,8) and RESELC(160,5).But somehow annual production is 597 which is 114 Pj higher than i expected (250+160+73=483). Is it a mistake and how could that happened?

Rudolf Yeganyan

Oct 4, 2021, 6:55:29 AM10/4/21

This would be normal in the case that some of the energy generation technologies require large energy inputs in order to produce energy (e.g. hydrogen). If you have added such technologies, check whether the numbers make sense. 

Otherwise, since there is extra energy being generated, this could be because you defined another demand parameter (ELC003 possibly?). Check if this is the case firstly, ensuring that ELC003 or any other parameter as such is 0.

Another reason could be that you have constrained certain technologies to produce a certain amount of energy, and thus the overall energy generation is higher than the demand. Check this as well, and ensure that there is no constraint that makes the energy production be higher than demand. 

If this does not work, message here again and paste the specified demand profile, INDELC, COMELC, AND RESELC figures here. 

Hope this helps.


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