Proposal: Giving the Crowd a Reason to Fund

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Patrick Anderson

Nov 28, 2012, 1:28:04 PM11/28/12
Hello all,

I've been thinking of a way to augment the charitable donations OSE relies upon now.

The basic idea is offer OSE products for sale *before* building those products.

For example:

A not-yet-constructed tractor would be offered at the price it is usually sold.

A single buyer or a group would commit money toward that goal.

If the target price is met, the funds are collected and construction begins.

This allows us to gather interest-free loans that are repaid with guaranteed sales.

I have some other ideas that I think could really help us ramp-up operations.

Let me know what you think.

Patrick Anderson

Patrick Anderson

Dec 7, 2012, 12:28:17 PM12/7/12
Hi everyone,

I missed the more important and case of pre-selling organic food grown at OSE.

Attracting middle-income consumers to pre-pay for food will supply the
funds needed to ramp-up the agricultural productivity of OSE so we are
no longer dependent upon regular grocery stores.

And since the OSE already has sufficient land to house all the
industry needed for a "basic outcome", I also propose we begin full
"Cross-Production" to fully eliminate the need to use money within the
system (money will only be needed to buy the physical Sources for
produciton we have not yet vertically integrated).

The basic idea is to treat a worker's commitment of future-labor as
another form of investment.

This is complex because a worker will usually be able and willing to
produce far more than they can consume for themselves, and so requires
what I sometimes call a "Production Arena" or "Vertically Integrated
Permaculture Mosaic (VIPM)" where the workers can *cross-commit* their
skills toward future production of the goods and services we all need.

The VIPM is the land and water-rights and plants and animals and tools
and buildings, etc. needed to produce and reproduce all the basic
necessities of the participants.

For example, a group of people who want to insure the health of their
teeth would build a dental office and buy/make the tools necessary for
that work (or cross-cmmit with others to build the office and tools)
and then 'hire' a dentist by committing to do the work needed to
supply him with the food, shelter, transportation, health-care, etc.
that he will need.

Let me know if this does or doesn't make sense.
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