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to Earth Action Campaign
Occupy Sonoma County


Welcome to the people who have joined recently.  This is a simple weekly newsletter.  Your participation is encouraged.  Please share information and actions about climate change, climate justice, GMOs, toxic chemicals, and Earth-related topics.
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It’s Time to End the Carbon Capture of Climate Policy
Paid ad in the Washington Post:

Over 500 Organizations Call on Policymakers to Reject Carbon Capture and Storage as a False Solution


The U.S. Shale Revolution Has Surrendered to Reality
"Fracking companies aren’t drilling as investment continues to dry up."

Greenland Abandons All Future Oil Exploration

Petaluma’s ban on new gas stations inspires Sonoma County cities, regional board to follow suit
"Following Petaluma’s decision March 1 to ban new gas station construction, this recent vote, undertaken last week by the same board that oversees the Sonoma County Transportation Authority, marks the broadest show of support for replicating the move elsewhere."

The future of gas stations: Do EVs dismantle local pumps?

We can’t fireproof fire-dependent forests, but we can protect homes

Scientists Say Clearing Forests Worsens Wildfire Damage
"Wildfires aren’t caused by forests, but the default approach to fire prevention is to clear them. Climate may be the real problem, and preserving trees a big part of the solution."

Scorched, Parched and Now Uninsurable: Climate Change Hits Wine Country

Refuge no more: Forested Sonoma County enclave laid bare by Walbridge fire — and now, by salvage logging
This is what fire prevention and "vegetation management" looks like in Sonoma County!

Push state to act fast and retake the lead on auto emissions
"Automakers don’t innovate on their own. Indeed, most have consistently fought regulations tooth and nail. California fought for the authority to protect its people — now it needs to use it to ramp up clean-car standards fast."

California just OK'd a massive new build-out of renewables and clean storage
"A plan to replace the Diablo Canyon nuclear plant with 11.5 GW of zero-carbon capacity — and no natural gas — will test the grid value of renewables and batteries."

Fossil Fuel Giants Ignoring IEA ‘Net Zero’ Report Despite Pledges, Analysis Finds

Norway’s prime minister Erna Solberg says Oslo remains committed to oil and gas

CA Oil Regulator Denies 21 Fracking Permits But Leaves Frontline Communities Waiting on Health & Safety Protections
“Blocking 21 fracking permits on health and climate grounds shows Gov. Newsom’s power to say no to the fossil fuel industry, but we need much more to confront the crisis that’s bringing us record heat and megadrought,” said
Hollin Kretzmann, an attorney at the Center for Biological Diversity’s Climate Law Institute. “Newsom is still rubberstamping new drilling projects and he’s dragging his feet on a critical health-and-safety buffer to protect frontline communities. He still hasn’t delivered anything close to the type of dramatic fossil-fuel policy changes California needs to protect our people and our climate.”

One Month Without Plastic Helps Reduce Landfill Waste By 4.2 Millions Tonnes A Year
What changes are you making to reduce plastic consumption for Plastic Free July?  Download our Action Picker here.

How TWO small changes can make a BIG DIFFERENCE (video)
"We've never sailed to a place where we haven't seen plastic in the ocean. We are very concerned about plastic and plastics effects on our oceans and wildlife."

Maine becomes first state to shift costs of recycling from taxpayers to companies

We Need the “Whole-of-Government” Climate Fight That Biden Promised by Bill McKibben

Korindo: Korean palm oil giant stripped of sustainability status
"The rich rainforest in Papua, among the most biodiverse places on earth, is threatened by deforestation."

How the Meat Industry is Climate-Washing its Polluting Business Model
"The UN describes the health and environmental implications of consuming animal products as “complex” and works to ensure that low-income groups have access to animal-based foods but argues that other, wealthier populations need to eat less of them. The FAO declares that it is particularly committed to supporting small-scale livestock farmers in developing countries—an agricultural group that has shrunk dramatically in countries like the U.S., where giant corporations now dominate the market."

DOE Quietly Backs Plan for Carbon Capture Network Larger Than Entire Oil Pipeline System
"Obama Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz and major labor group AFL-CIO are behind the “blueprint” for a multi-billion dollar system to transport captured CO2 — and offer a lifeline to fossil fuel plants."

Climate change: 'No more excuses' at COP26 climate summit - poor nations
"COP26 in November is expected to be the most important meeting on climate change since the Paris agreement was drawn up in 2015 and there are huge expectations that it will deliver significant progress in the battle against rising temperatures."

Fire experts prescribe Indigenous cultural burns to reduce wildfire risk in B.C.
There is a lot of misinformation in the media about cultural burning and prescribed burning.  They are not the same thing but have become largely synonymous in the press.  Cultural burning is an ancient practice that replicates nature.  Prescribed burning practices as they are currently being used are on a much larger scale and are part of the tree and forest removal strategies of opportunistic logging practices.  One of the main causes of the severity of fires currently is the modern practice of fire suppression.  Fire is part of the forest ecosystem, but with humans now inhabiting forest areas, homes in those areas have been prioritized over forest ecosystems that thrive in a balance of wildfires.

When It Comes to Ecosystem Restoration, the Time Is Now, Says John D. Liu
"Currently, humanity faces existential threats, it is up to everyone alive today to stand up and face them."

The Story of Change (video)
"It's not bad shoppers who are putting our future at risk; it’s bad policies and business practices. If we really want to change the world, we have to move beyond voting with our dollars and come together to demand rules that work."

How solar panels on farmland could help California fix its water and power crises
Taking farmland out of production permanently seems like a bad idea.  Let's put those solar panels on roofs and over parking lots instead.

We better not wait for the government to fix our problems.  Even if the Democrats agreed they would still have to fight with the Republicans.

Water Protectors Against Line 3 Sue Over Police Blockade of Indigenous Camp

Alert! Line3 drilling on Shell River (video)

Water Protectors gearing up for Enbridge drilling under the Shell River #stopline3

Heteronormative ecological outdoor cooking information.  

New York entrepreneur seeks to bring energy efficiency to more communities
"After seeing Al Gore's documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" in college, Baird decided on his mission - to tackle both climate change and wealth disparities. His company BlocPower helps small apartment buildings and other urban structures become more energy efficient. He wants all communities to benefit from the transition to cleaner energy, he said."

If you have a lawn in the City of Santa Rosa they will pay you up to $1,500 (more for businesses) to convert it to non-invasive low or very-low water use plants.

Call To Action! 
We urge all groups including schools, neighborhood associations, organizations, clubs and groups of any kind to adopt a Climate Declaration.  Adopt ours or write your own.  Share your Climate Declaration with local governments, the media, write articles, and share information. 
Occupy Sonoma County Climate Declaration

Occupy Sonoma County, along with concerned, forward thinking people all over the world, declares that climate change has reached catastrophic proportions as evidenced by the current level of CO2 in the atmosphere, the melting of polar ice caps, and the continual rising of global temperatures.  This is a global emergency, and we must act immediately.  We invite all forces of life to join together for our survival.  We stand up for life.

We recognize that the root of climate change is a capitalist system run by money greedy corporations and the governments that they control.  We actively oppose greenhouse gas producers, nuclear power investors, and fossil fuel companies by boycotting their products, developing alternatives, divesting from corporations that endorse them and insisting that governments at all levels take action.  We call on all governments and corporations to adopt life-sustaining practices immediately.

The people must act now to stop this destruction from continuing and reverse the damage this has caused.  The future is in our hands.  We are the 99%!

What Earth Actions are you taking? (en español)

Occupy Sonoma County embraces the egalitarian, deep democracy principles of the Occupy Movement with a regional strategy for effectively organizing countywide social justice campaigns that are globally relevant.


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