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Jul 15, 2021, 10:39:31 AMJul 15
to Earth Action Campaign
Occupy Sonoma County


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How flooded coal mines could heat homes
"To help meet the country's sweeping carbon-reduction target, the Coal Authority is exploring the feasibility of some 70 mine water heating projects across the UK. It is estimated that around a quarter of the UK's population live above abandoned coal mines and that flooded shafts contain around 2.2 million GWh of heat, with the potential to store more."

Renewables Were the World’s Cheapest Source of Energy in 2020, New Report Shows

Speaking for the Old Growth
"Burning the furniture in your house to stay warm isn’t a good idea, says world-renowned botanist and biochemist Diana Beresford-Kroeger. The house is always next on the list."

California Oil Lobby Seeks to Strip Environmental Protections for Groundwater Amid Drought

Sebastopol council OKs mandatory 25% water reduction

Sonoma County couple says new ‘fire signs’ will make rural homes easier to save during wildfires
Shouldn't these kinds of signs be standardized and made available to everyone in vulnerable areas?

5 reasons why burning trees for energy is bad for climate, people and nature
"Have you heard about the latest fake climate solutions that our policy makers are pushing? Burning wood as ‘renewable energy’ is being sold to us as a sustainable practice."

Why so dry? Experts explain factors behind stubborn drought

5 reasons Home Depot and Lowe’s must weed out toxic weed killers

US drilling approvals increase despite Biden climate pledge
Fracking Dumps Millions of Gallons of Toxic Chemicals Into Gulf of Mexico

Shale Oil Fraud Case Reveals Executives Ignore Their Own Engineers and Mislead Investors

Fossil Fuel Industry Given Billions in EU Hydrogen Support, Report Finds
“Let’s not kid ourselves – the likes of Shell and Eni have made it crystal clear that they see a move towards a hydrogen economy as a way to keep pumping oil and gas.”

Is a new oil field climate change hypocrisy?
"The UK government has promised to take the lead role in what is seen by many as our last, best chance to prevent global temperatures from spiralling out of control. But environmental groups have accused ministers of "hypocrisy" after it emerged that the development of a vast new North Atlantic oil field at Cambo, west of Shetland, could get the green light."

Insurance Giants Under Fire from First Nations for Backing Trans Mountain Tar Sands Pipeline

Tribes object to Enbridge ‘dewatering’ permit as drought threatens wild rice
“Our upcoming (wild rice) harvest was in jeopardy. Then all the sudden we get a report that Enbridge was allowed (nearly) 5 billion more gallons of water.”

Energy Transfer’s Gulf Run Pipeline to Export Fracked Gas from Louisiana set to Begin Construction

Canada Funneled $23 Billion in Subsidies to Three Pipelines Since 2018

Occupy Sonoma County is joining millions of people worldwide in Plastic Free July
Download our Action Picker at: it and post it on your fridge.
A Zero Waste lifestyle considers how products are made and disposed of.  Switch from plastic to renewable and reusable packaging.  Put pressure on manufacturers and the government to end single-use plastic.
What are you doing to reduce your plastic consumption?

"People are dying. Aquatic animals are baking in their shells. Fruit is being cooked on the tree. It’s time to act."

Deep-Sea Study Records Species Found Nowhere Else on Earth

Drax Exec Quits Climate Change Committee After ‘Glaring’ Conflict of Interest
Check out the photo of this old coal plant that is converted to biomass energy.  Greta says, "Stop Fake Renewables!"

How your power company can remotely control your smart thermostat
"Texas’s power grid is unpleasantly surprising its users again. After last winter’s storm disabled parts of the grid for several days, causing potentially hundreds of deaths, a summer heat wave is once again threatening the grid. One potential solution Texas power companies have found is to turn up the temperature on some customers’ smart thermostats. Problem is, some of those customers weren’t aware that their power company could and would do such a thing."


Meet the Consulting Firm That’s Staffing the Biden Administration

As Biden backslides, a bigger, better-organized climate movement prepares to seize this ‘now or never’ moment

There is no "moderate" position on climate change

"The city now wants all municipal construction sites to be zero emission by 2025 and all construction work, public or private, to be zero emission by 2030. Six more of Norway's biggest cities have also recently committed to the same goals as Oslo... Another innovation looking to increase efficiency and reduce waste is modular construction. The process is where a building, or parts of it, are constructed off-site... This is a trend that actually reduces waste."

Corporate Counterinsurgency
"Indigenous Water Protectors Face Off With an Oil Company and Police Over a Minnesota Pipeline."

Arrested in rocking chairs, grandparents protest Chase and pressure Biden on climate by George Lakey
"Tired from trekking 170 miles from Biden’s birthplace to his hometown, a dozen of us grandparents decided to take a stand for climate justice by sitting down."

“Defending the Sacred”: Indigenous Water Protectors Continue Resistance to Line 3 Pipeline in Minnesota (video)

8 arrested during climate change protest outside of Sen. Ted Cruz's home

Aubid continues to hold the line with prayer lodge
In an action that started June 19, Northern Lights Task Force (NLTF) members from  around the state converged on the site in northern Aitkin County where the proposed new Line 3 pipeline crosses the Great River Road north of Palisade. Protesters at the sight said that the NLTF told water protectors to remove the lodge and vacate the easement Enbridge had secured for the pipeline across state land in the 1855 Treaty ceded territory."

Indigenous people are the world’s biggest conservationists, but they rarely get credit for it
"More than 30 percent of the Earth is already conserved. Thank Indigenous people and local communities."

These farmers show that agriculture in the Amazon doesn’t have to be destructive

‘Rampant issues’: Black farmers are still left out at USDA

Card Game at the Plastic Free Saloon (OSC video from 2017)
You're gambling with our future when you deal with plastics. Discover some alternatives by watching the card game at the Plastic Free Saloon!
(Yes, we know that compostable plastic is not really a thing to strive for but our video is still fun.)

Giant Pandas No Longer Endangered Thanks to Conservation Efforts, China Says
"Experts and officials say the change is due to China's efforts to protect and expand the panda's preferred bamboo forest ecosystem. The country has created large reserves in mountain areas for the animals to roam."

This farm relies on birds — not pesticides — to control pests

Call To Action! 
We urge all groups including schools, neighborhood associations, organizations, clubs and groups of any kind to adopt a Climate Declaration.  Adopt ours or write your own.  Share your Climate Declaration with local governments, the media, write articles, and share information. 
Occupy Sonoma County Climate Declaration

Occupy Sonoma County, along with concerned, forward thinking people all over the world, declares that climate change has reached catastrophic proportions as evidenced by the current level of CO2 in the atmosphere, the melting of polar ice caps, and the continual rising of global temperatures.  This is a global emergency, and we must act immediately.  We invite all forces of life to join together for our survival.  We stand up for life.

We recognize that the root of climate change is a capitalist system run by money greedy corporations and the governments that they control.  We actively oppose greenhouse gas producers, nuclear power investors, and fossil fuel companies by boycotting their products, developing alternatives, divesting from corporations that endorse them and insisting that governments at all levels take action.  We call on all governments and corporations to adopt life-sustaining practices immediately.

The people must act now to stop this destruction from continuing and reverse the damage this has caused.  The future is in our hands.  We are the 99%!

What Earth Actions are you taking? (en español)

Occupy Sonoma County embraces the egalitarian, deep democracy principles of the Occupy Movement with a regional strategy for effectively organizing countywide social justice campaigns that are globally relevant.

Woody Hastings

Jul 15, 2021, 11:27:19 AMJul 15
to Emerald, Earth Action Campaign
Thank you Emerald,

Hi All, here is one more...

This past Monday, the Sonoma County Regional Climate Protection Authority voted unanimously to direct staff to draft a Resolution to be adopted at their September meeting offering encouragement and guidance to all Sonoma County cities and the county itself to adopt ordinances prohibiting the construction of new gas stations.

Below is a link to the Monday RCPA meeting. The gas station item 4.6 begins at the 1:49:30 mark, about two-thirds of the way through the meeting. The final Resolution will be on the RCPA agenda on September 13. 


Meeting Recording:


Access Passcode: BOARD-scta07.12.21

A big thanks to those of you who were able to attend and comment and to those of you who sent in written comments.

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