C-STORE SCU has failed with DIMSE status 0x0110

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Nick Farrell

Jun 29, 2020, 5:43:49 AM6/29/20
to Orthanc Users
I am having some trouble transmitting studies from Orthanc to Aria/Eclipse, and am wondering if anyone can shed some light on what could be happening.

The error (above, in the subject line) is not one which makes much sense to me. I do not have much experience with the dicom transmission protocol, and a brief google indicates that 110 may relate to a message ID, and should not be duplicated, but that didn't help much.

In case it helps, here is the context. I don't believe this is relevant, but I can't rule out their contribution to the problem entirely:

Orthanc is running in a docker container in AWS. Incoming connection are via a network load balancer (for DICOM files) and via an application load balancer (for HTTPS). This all works fine.
Outgoing connections to Aria are routed via a NAT firewall, as Aria requires all connections to be from a stable IP address.

I am using the Osimus docker image, with the below configuration.

  "Name": "Orthanc UAT AU",
  "DicomAet": "XXX",
  "DicomModalities": {
    "CCQTestEclipse": ["VMSDBD2128", "XXX", XXX]
  "RegisteredUsers": {
    "orthanc": "XXX"
  "DicomScuTimeout" : 400,
  "HttpRequestTimeout" : 600,
  "HttpTimeout" : 600,
  "DicomScpTimeout" : 400,
  "StableAge": 300

With a known good study, made up of 2 series (CT and RTSTRUCT), I can transmit all instances in the CT series, and it is accepted. However, when I subsequently transmit the RTSTRUCT series, after about 25 seconds I get the error.

I was using the 20.5.3 Orimus image, but the attached long was produced using osimus:master, to confirm that it does not work any better with the current development version.

Thanks for any pointers.



Sébastien Jodogne

Jun 29, 2020, 12:58:23 PM6/29/20
to Orthanc Users

The DIMSE status code 0x0110 in the Orthanc logs seems to indicate "Processing Failure" on your Aria/Eclipse server (but this is just a raw guess).

This may seem that your server does not accept to store RT-STRUCT if its reference CT series has not been received previously.

Check out your log files on the Aria/Eclipse.

Also, I kindly invite you to read the following FAQ entry:


Nick Farrell

Jun 30, 2020, 2:21:54 AM6/30/20
to Orthanc Users
Thanks for you help Sébastien. Just in case anyone else benefits from my pain: the problem was that I had added some custom DICOM tags to all series, and the RTSTRUCT modalities were creating new custom tags, but setting their values to null, which was then causing a fatal error with the study when the downstream system tried to parse the RTSTRUCT instance.

Thanks for the pointer to the FAQ too. 

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