GDT interface for Orthanc as Dockerimage

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Julian Hartig

Jul 18, 2020, 8:39:13 AM7/18/20
to Orthanc Users

I think this one will be interesting for any doctor running a practice in Germany and having the need to store DICOM information.

Alongside of selecting a new ultrasound device for my doctor's office, I setup Orthanc and wrote some (mainly) python code to glue it to the GDT interface most German AIS (Arztinformationssysteme - as opposed to e.g. the RIS used by radiologists) use for communicating with external applications and devices. This comes together with a small REST API extension that allows creating worklist files in the ModalityWorklists plugin's directory. Part of the plugin is also a small fix for a 'quirk' of Sonoscape devices. As they are sending lossy-compressed JPEG images in RGB representation, I've added a transcoding functionality into the plugin to convert these files to YBR and store them more efficiently. This is especially relevant for cine loop sequences which are quite big otherwise (ca. 100M for 200 frames as opposed to 10M with proper color representation and compression).

This enables us to start examinations from our AIS and to list available imaging resources there and open them up in a DICOM viewer by click.

The Github containing the Dockerfile and the required scripts including the plugin and a detailed README is here: , pre-built images are on Docker Hub: .

While there has not been testing done with different AIS (as we only do have Medical Office by Indamed, I myself can't test others) or different ultrasound devices (we decided on buying a Sonoscape P40 and that is the one I tested with) it should be compatible in principle, as it adheres to the standards existing. Of course I'm also willing to modify/extend the plugin, if this should be necessary to make it support new AIS and/or devices.

Best regards!
Julian Hartig
(General Practitioner in Nachrodt-Wiblingwerde / Germany, NRW)

Alain Mazy

Jul 20, 2020, 9:37:05 AM7/20/20
to Julian Hartig, Orthanc Users
Hi Julian,

Thanks a lot for this contribution !  This is a wonderful example of a complete customization of Orthanc.  I'm sure we'll use it as a reference for python plugins & worklist usage !

Best regards,


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Julian Hartig

Jul 20, 2020, 2:51:34 PM7/20/20
to Orthanc Users
Hallo Alain,
I'm delighted to hear that. I plan on extending the GDT-to-Worklist interface in the next days so that putting a GDT file in a certain configurable directory will suffice for creation of the corresponding worklist file. This will make integration a bit easier for AIS that don't support running PHP scripts as commands (as the software we use, Medical Office, does). And as another plus it won't require installing any additional software on the clients - you'd just have to mount this directory as a network share on the clients and the AIS on them can put their GDT files into it. On the downside, I won't be able to gather all the information from the GDT file I can gather via the REST API call, concerning especially the performing physician and the information for the study description.

Best regards

Sébastien Jodogne

Aug 4, 2020, 2:56:22 PM8/4/20
to Orthanc Users
Hello Julian,

As written by Alain, thanks so much for providing the Orthanc community with this very interesting plugin!

I have indexed your work in the Orthanc Book:

Kind Regards,
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