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Emsy Chan

Nov 30, 2015, 8:08:58 AM11/30/15
to Orthanc Users
Dear all,

Sorry that I've not been around for months! My department has been short of staff so I actually have to start spending most of my days doing clinical work instead of meddling with programming... ;) [I come from a hospital that has "research" and "teaching" comprise 5% and 5% respectively of my expected duties. (i.e., an overloaded understaffed government hospital)].

Anyway, I just wanted to share the latest iteration of my viewer, which started life as PHP (OMG, yes I'm serious!) and is now a single HTML file.

(I'm rambling, aren't I? Can't help it...)

The best way of running it is to use the serveFolders plugin and run it from one of the folders that you are serving directly through Orthanc. This avoids Javascript's cross-domain restrictions:

In configuration.json:

  "Plugins" : [

  "ServeFolders" : {
    "/mcdcm" : "./mcdcm"

Extract the contents of to the folder that you are serving. The viewer should be able to extract the orthanc domain automatically when using the serveFolders plugin.

Alternatively, reverse proxy can also be used. Refer to setting up Orthanc through a reverse proxy. You'll need to set the "reverseProxiedOrthanc" variable to true and define the orthanc address in "orthanc" variable in mcdcm.html (I added this support, but haven't had the chance to test it yet).

It should work when you pass ?series={seriesUUID} it mcdcm.html, e.g.:

(Important note that the viewer runs best on Chrome and only reads explicit VR little endian, and only 1 series at a time)
(Another important note is that it is much slower and technologically inferior to the Cornerstone core being used by the Orthanc web viewer plugin)
(Of note, it also works with drag-drop multiple dicom files, a zip file containing dicom files, and a http get ?
(Of another note, it supports touch, mobiles and leap motion)

A working example is at my SFW site (opposite of my other NSFW site) at

At the moment, I'm using this viewer to automate calculation of liver / myocardial iron concentrations from MRI (works well because these series are usually very small, about 8 to 12 low res MRI images) and also validating it for some orthopaedic calculations. 

Oh, and scrolling the images by twirling my finger in the air (using leap motion). It's a freaky awesome (and freakishly geeky) thing to do.


Sébastien Jodogne

Nov 30, 2015, 9:08:09 AM11/30/15
to Orthanc Users
Wow, great! Thanks for your work on this!

I have indexed your viewer at the following place:

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