Coding Dojo this Saturday, Nov13th at 10AM (not PM) at Full Sail

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Nov 11, 2010, 10:33:46 AM11/11/10
Just wanted to get the subject right this time :)

This Saturday, Nov 13th, we will have a Coding Dojo at Full Sail at 10AM, thanks to Gary Miller.

We will meet at Building 2 Room 101T at 10AM. 

We only have the room until noon, so I'll try my best to keep us on track during the session. I'll get there a little bit early to have the environment setup and I'll try not to spend too much time deciding on what problem should be.

Here's the map of the Full Sail building

- Caike

Gary W Miller

Nov 12, 2010, 12:56:29 PM11/12/10
As a note on the location:

Room 101T has an outside door so you do not need to enter the building
from any of the lobbies. If you pull in the parking lot off of
University Ave where the tall Full Sail sign is turn to the right at the
front of the building. At that point you will see a building straight
ahead. That is building two (2) and room 101T is almost directly in
front of you. At the 'L' of the building there is an entrance lobby, ti
the right along the building is a walkway. Down a bit from that is a
door with the writing on it that says "The Buzz", the next door after
that should be labeled "101-T" this is where the meeting will be,

Next time I will try to get the room for a longer time frame so we do
not have to rush. I did reserve it from 9:00 AM till noon prior to
knowing when we start. I will know better next time :-)

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