Changing Configurational Parameters for Network Channel Pool for REST calls

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Nitish Gangal

Sep 3, 2015, 8:25:38 AM9/3/15

Currently, I am working on OrientDb 1.7.8. 
My RoR application connects and queries databases in orientdb by calling Ofunctions through HTTP Rest API.
During our performance check, we found out that, when connecting through HTTP, there are several settings or configs which we can set and will help us to improve the ultimate response time from orientdb. For example: and, db.minPool and db.maxPool etc.

However, when we tried to set modify these configs through console set command, we can get the updated configs for that config sessions. If we close and reopen the console, these configs set to default.

Please let us know how to set these values and exactly, what configs play an vital role when connecting orientdb through REST.

Nitish Gangal

Nitish Gangal

Sep 8, 2015, 1:34:53 AM9/8/15
to OrientDB
Hello All,

Any updates regarding this.
Any pointers will help me to proceed further.
Looking for positive responses.

Nitish Gangal
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